Presentments for Fornication - 1800

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Book 2

The main item was the presentment from Kk Lonan

Bishopscourt 10 Dec 1799 Lonan Curate John Gell very irregular ran off with Margt Kelly for 2 Days + 2 Nights - Also John Gill supposed to have had Carnal Dealings with Cath Callister in Church of Kk Lonan
In Trial Margt noted as d/o James

In following year Curate John Gell sent Letter of Apology Etc - supported by many signatures

The vicar of Lonan at this time was Samuel Gell who had been presented in 1797 for not entering Baptisms and Mariages into the register - Gell died in 1802 and was replaced by Hugh Sowell.

In the presentments dated 16th June 1800 Lonan - John Gill Curate presented for cutting Paper out of the Register

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