Ramsey (Ballure Chapel) Burials 1849-1883

The following is my reading of the 1911 Official Copy - this is the 3rd section post 1849 Burial Act which required a more informative entry - there are 246 numbered entries - the first 150 are here, the rest to be added. In a few cases marked ? my reading is questionable- a few entries are out of sequence..

Ballure Chapel was restored mid 18th century as a more convenient chapel-of-ease for the expanding town of Ramsey - its burial ground would however seem to have been very much the "potter's field" being the burial place of strangers. The chapel has recently been sold into private hands - many of the memorials in the yard had been defaced by vandalism - there is a 1920's reading of many of these MI's available elsewhere.

Date                  Name                 alias      age                  Notes
12 Apr 1849  HOWLAND       Thomas                      11/12         Callow's Court Ramsey
28 Dec 1865  BANKS         Eliza                       2             Waterloo Road Ramsey
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