Roman Catholic Marriages 1826-1850

The following is my reading of the film of the original register - Manx Museum MM127; this is a mixed register of baptisms and marriages written in a tall narrow notebook in apparently chronological order (though a few entries appear a little out of sequence). A copy of this register was made in 1849 and given to the Registry to comply with a new law, this copy is available on Mormon microfilm - however the original register continues beyond 1849. It is possible that the initial page of the register has been lost post 1849 as MM127 starts with p3 and there are baptismal entries in the copy preceeding those found in MM127. A later register has the entries in latin (a requirement of canon law) though the early register is rather laconic giving just the names and witnesses (T.T. ) for marriages and sponsors (S.S.) for baptisms - it is in several hands not all of which are easily readable (the 1849 copy is in a poor hand).

The Register covers all Roman Catholic baptisms and marriages - the first church was St Bridgit on the Douglas-Castletown road opposite the Nunnery, this was replaced c.1837 by St Francis Xavier's at the top of Athol street, which in turn was replaced in 1857 by today's St Mary of the Isle. Other churches were opened in Castletown, Peel and Ramsey though they did not have resident priests until quite late in the 19th Century.

It would appear that several couples had already married in the established church (presumeably to avoid running foul of the ecclesiastical court and also to ensure their children were legitimate in the eyes of the law)

The additional information is in the notes section. Certain entries are also found in other parish registers - shown as =Ger etc.

Date        Male                             Female                       Witnesses                                        Notes
 1 Feb 1826  LEECH         Mathew        O'BRIEN       Ann             wm + elizth black;wm bryne
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21 Aug 1843  HOGAN         Patrick       DOYLE         Mary            thomas o'keefe;anne o'keefe
28 Oct 1843  RONEY         James         QUILLIAM      Elizabeth       richard roney;sarah roney                               [p77]

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