Patrick Marriages 1757-1812

The following is my reading of the 1911 official transcription - the actual Parish Register, though legally supposed to have been deposited in Manx Museum has not yet been deposited - thus I do not know how good a copy it is. The first 15 or so entries are for some reason missing from the IGI. Marriage entries after the middle of 1757 following the 1757 marriage Act required confirmation of parish, licence etc (all these marriages are by licence) and witnesses - these witnesses often include the Parish Clerk - for these years Sylvester Radcliffe (SR)

The additional information is in the notes section Certain entries are also found in other parish registers - particularly that of German - shown as =Ger etc.

Date        Male                             Female                       Witnesses                     Notes
28 Aug 1757  QUIGGIN       Thomas        CUBBON        Catharine       syl radcliffe clerk;wm quoil x        both kk arbory sp lic 
 3 Sep 1757  KEGGEIN       John          QUAYLE        Ellinor         sr;david callister                    jk malew
12 Sep 1757  QUINE         Thomas        QUIRK         Catharine       sr ,philip quirk
10 Dec 1757  QUIRK         William       CLUCAS        Isabel          richard clucas;sr                     ic of this p
17 Dec 1757  QUAYLE        Henry         QUILLIAM      Ann             sr;john callister                     both
14 Jan 1758  QUIRK         John          QUANE         Ellinor         sr;john quirk                         both
 7 Feb 1758  CAIN          Thomas        LEWNEY        Ann             sr;thomas corkan x                    both
18 Oct 1758  QUILLIAM      Henry         SHIMMIN       Mary            sr;patrick cubbon x                   hq this p;ms kk german
25 Nov 1758  CALLISTER     Thomas        GELL          Isabel          sr;david callister                    both
10 Feb 1759  KEY           Charles       KELLY         Isabel          sr;thos corkan
15 Feb 1759  CLUCAS        Richard       COSNAHAN      Ann             hugh shimmin x;abigail cottier x;ellinor christian;william karran x  both
 8 May 1759  CHRISTIAN     William       FARGHER       Elizabeth       henry radcliffe;john quirk            wc rushen;ef this p;
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