Douglas St. Matthew's Marriages 1705-1873

These are transcribed from the the original Registers - one containing most of the post 1757 marriages would appear to have been missed in the 1911 transcription - it was mostly empty except for a few pages at the front.

St Matthew's was a Chapel of Ease to Braddan - thus all marriages solemnized here had to be by special licence

Date        Male                             Female                       Witnesses                                            Notes
10 Apr 1705  M.[?MURREY]   John          -             Susanna                                                                 in bapts;Mrs S.
11 Dec 1730  KERRUISH      Evan          QUILLIN       Catharine                                                               cq als oates
24 Jun 1731  QUILLIN       John          CASEMETT      Cath 
11 May 1732  GELLING       Thomas        SMITH         Alice 
25 Sep 1735  TOTTY         John          XTIAN         Isabel                                                                  ic dau of adam
25 Sep 1740  WATERSON      Edward        SKILLICORN    Elizth 
28 Apr 1742  CORRIN        Nathaniel     COWLEY        Margt 
29 Apr 1744  COWLEY        Philip        CHRISTIAN     Katharine 
26 Dec 1744  MURREY        Thomas        BOURKE        Jane 
10 Nov 1745  TEAR          William       DUFOUR        Charlotte 
17 Nov 1745  KEWIN         Thomas        MOORE         Elinor 
19 Jan 1745  ALLEN         John          BRIDESON      Margaret                                                                ja mercht;mb d/o capt Paul brideson
 1 Nov 1747  CORLET        Edward        CORLET        Catharine Mrs                                                           ec ramsey,mrs cc of douglas
13 Jun 1747  TYLDESLEY     Nicholass     MOORE         Jane                                                                    nt kk rushen, jane moore Arbory
16 Apr 1748  DENTON        Launcelot     COTTIMAN      Jane 
26 Sep 1748  IRVINE        Robt          JOHNSTON      Dorcas Mrs                                                              ri woodhouse in county of Annandale; mrs dj of york, married in kk onchan
29 Nov 1748  REEVES        Robert        SPAIGHT       Grace Mrs                                                               m in kk malew;=mal
 5 Dec 1748  CLARK         John          FIENES        Sarah Mrs                                                               m kk onchan; = Onc (5 Jan 1748 !)
23 Jul 1749  CAIN          Robt          CLARK         Judith 
 3 Feb 1749  SMITH         Samuel        FIENES        Christian Mrs                                                           m kk onchan
 7 Feb 1749  MOORE         Thomas        MOORE         Margaret Mrs
22 Oct 1751  QUAYLE        William       MOORE         Mary Mrs 
17 Nov 1751  BRIDSON       John          CORLET        Jane 
17 Nov 1751  CORKILL       Richard       CANNELL       Katharine 
 9 Jul 1753  FERGUSON      Mathew        HUGHES        Anne 
31 Jan 1758  BIRKETT       Henry         TIFFIN        Mary            david ross;philip moore                                 [1st in reg]mt of douglas;sp lic by philip moore
 6 Feb 1758  OATES         James         MOORE         Elizabeth       philip moore;chas kiley                                 em of douglas;sp lic by james moore curate 
11 Dec 1786  WOOD          John          CLARK         Jane            patrick scott;sarah clarke                              jc of douglas;sp lic;m by john quayle
11 Nov 1787  THORPE        Peter         BLAIR         Jane            john macay;henry bown                                   jb of douglas;sp lic by robt quayle
 2 Dec 1787  FARRANT       Robert        MOORE         Margaret        robt heywood;robt moore;james wilks                     rf kk german;mm braddan;sp lic;by joshua harman
 9 Oct 1797  HARRISON      Robert        MCCLEAN       Isabella        jas keyll;mary kayll,margt dall                         sp lic;m by hugh stowell;
23 Apr 1803  CREBBIN       William       COTTIER       Mary            michael crebbin;mary ann currin                         sp lic;by john kewley
18 Jan 1806  DUGGAN        James         AFFLECT       Susannah        john henchan;margt kayll;martha shaw;esther inghan      sp lic;by john kewley
10 Jan 1807  GRAVES        Thomas        COWN          Elizabeth       john kewley x;elinor kewley                             sp lic;john kewley;[MAdv 17 jan 1807 sat last marr dsm Mr John graves mercer + draper to miss elizth cowin both peel]
5 Jun 1810   BARNES        George West   CURRY         Sarah           john curry;robt mullins mant?                           sp lic;john kewley
11 Jan 1811  GARRET        Thos          SKILLICORN    Elizabeth       william lewin;thomas cannell                            both douglas;sp lic;by joseph qualtrough
15 Oct 1811  DIXON         Thos          ROBINSON      Hannah          willm lewin;benjamin gibson                             hr of douglas;sp lic;joseph qualtrough
28 Nov 1811  THOMSON       James         CHRISTIAN     Elizabeth       danl christian;willm lewin                              both douglas;sp lic;joseph qualtrough
13 Dec 1812  HALL          John          HAMPDEN       Elizabeth       john christian;isabella quayle                          both douglas;sp lic;joseph qualtrough [?hall/kall]
 4 Feb 1815  CHRISTIAN     John          WATERSON      Margaret        john kneale;thos quirk                                  sp lic;joseph qualtrough
 1 Oct 1817  COCHRANE      Robt          TENISON       Elizabeth       john spitall;barton tenison                             sp lic;robert brown
 9 Oct 1822  CORLETT       Wm            TEAR          Margt           edward forbes;euphemia robinson;jane forbes             sp lic;robert brown
21 Oct 1822  DUCHAIR       Henry Wm      CURPHEY       Margt           wm curphey;philip stephen                               sp lic;robert brown
13 Jan 1823  CORTE         Robt Parr     GRIER         Margaret        caesar bacon;ralph cary ?;john rd grier ?;robt grier    rpc port arlyngton;mg douglas;sp lic;robt brown
19 Jun 1826  OSWALD        Henry Robert  BRISTOW       Sarah France    john quane;anne bristow;caesar bacon;hannah grier;      sfb of douglas;sp lic;robert grier off minister
26 Nov 1828  POWER         Thomas        GRIER         Jane            lionel? ford;a lyster;j corlett;margt corlett           jg of douglas;sp lic;robt brown chapln st m.
 1 Nov 1854  WILLIS        John          DUGHBURY      Elizth          [dewbury];c p ring M B                                  both douglas;sp lic 
14 May 1872  WEIR          Archibald     BARNES        Mary Ann        william welden ?;eliza gretton                          aw captn widower;mab of douglas;sp lic;j cannell
 2 Apr 1873  HOULT         Fredk John    HUBERT?       Margt                                                                   both douglas sp lic (see braddan) j cannell

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