South Side Sale, Old Deed #49 Santan

Thomas Bridson and Cathrine Moore

Articles of marriage condescended unto
concluded & agreed upon by & betwixt Thomas
Bridson of Balla Quiggin in ye Parish of KK St Ann
wth the consent of his wife Elinr Bridson, for
and in behalf of their son Thomas Bridson on 
the one part & Robert Moor of Pulroish in
the parish of KK Braddan with the consent &
approbation of his wife Elizabeth Moor for and
in behalf of his daughter Kathrine Moor on
the other part as follow

First it is concluded and agreed upon that ye sd Thomas
and Cathrine shall proceed into the holy estate of Ma=
trimony att or before ye 10th of Febr next, God & Holy
church permitting

Secondly it is concluded & agreed upon by [lost in fold]
the parties aforesaid that ye sd Thomas the father and
Elinor his wife do hereby oblidge themselves to give to
their sd son Thomas & Cathrin his intended wife a
quarter of the crop of Corn and hay (now to be sown)
at Michaelmas next they paying their proportion, viz
a quarter of the Lord's rent & other dutyes, and att
and after Michaelmas next the sd Tho his son & ye
sd Cathrine are to then & thence forward to enter upon
& possess the half of all the estate or tenemt of Balla
Quiggin afforesd & of a parcell of land called the Little
Croft & all other lands in their possession with all &
every the appurtenances to them respectively belonging
half the crop of corn half the team of oxen & husbandry
gears & the other half of the premises after the decease
of the langer liver of the sd thos the fathr & ye sd Elinor
his wife

Thirdlyit is agreed upon that in consideration of this
contraction & the contents thereof above express'd the sd
Robert Moore with the consent of his sd wife doth hereby
oblidge himself to pay or cause to be pay'd with the sd Cathrine
his daughter to the sd Thomas the younger the full and compleat
sum of twenty pounds this payable in money and goods
in equall proportions within the limitation of 3 years commenc=
ing upon Michaelmas day next after this date, and some
part thereof sooner as their occasions shall require the
sd Cathrine's mother's part of goods included in ye sd sum

Fourthly it is provided that if either of this young couple
the sd Thomas ye son and Cathrine his intended wife do decease
before a year and a day after their marriage without issue
then & in that case upon the decease of ye sd Thos the son
what is here settled upon him is to return to ye sd Thomas
the father; and if the sd Cathrine decease before a year and
a day the portion promised in this contract is to return
to ye sd Robert Moor the father her mother's part of goods
excepted which is to be att her own disposing.

For the performance of all and singular the
premises the parties concern'd have mutually
oblidg'd themselves in the penalty & fortfeiture of
forty pounds in the nature of all fines & for=
feitures within the Island witness their names
& marks this 23 day of January 1718/19
Signed & delivered before        Thomas Bridson his mark
the witnesses hereof under       Elliner Bridson her mark
- writen                         Robert Moor his mark 
John Bridson                     Isable Moor her mark
Paul Gelling                     Thomas Bridson his mark
Arthur Bridson                   Cathrine Moor her mark
John Moor
John Quirk
Robt Cannell

29th April 1720
The partyes to ye within and above aricles of marriage have acknowledged
the same to be their voluntary act and deed befor me   Cha: Moore

Att a sheading court holden at Castle Rushen the 5th of May 1720
The wthin articles of marriage being acknowledged before the
Deemster & now published in open court & no objection
agt them the same now allowed & confirmed according to Law
Dam Mcylrea   Alexr Horne
Cha: Moore J Rowe
           Wm Sedden
           Dan Mcylrea

Cath Bridson als Moore bur San 7 Oct 1727 (age 35) and probably bapt Bradan 16910710

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