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South Side Sale, Old Deed #45 Santan

Phil Kinley to Wm Kinley

Forasmuchas I Philip Kinley of the Parish of KK Santan, being of
a considerable age and unable to manage my parcel of
Land and my Wife Catherine : Kinley being a very sickly woman
for many years past, and now bed-rid for a long time.
We do therefore by these presents give, grant & surrender
to our son Wm Kinley half of our Land now at
present, in regard that he will look well to us now be=
=ing in a feeble condition and not able to help our selves,
and the other half after the Death of the longer liver of us
the fore sd Philip & Catherine Kinley, he our fore said son
Will : Kinley, doth hereby oblige himself to take the Care 
and Charge of us during our Lives, and to pay half
the Rent, with half of the dues & Duties on the premises.
And to this condictton we Bind our selves either to 
other in the penalty and forfeiture of ten pound, one
half thereof to the Honrble Lord of this Isle, and the other
half to the party performing Condittcon, as witness our
Names to our marks the 23d Nover 1719

                    Philip : Kinley my mark X
Signed and delivered         Katherine : Kinley my mark X
in presence of us            Wm Kinley my mark X
    Wm Crebbin
    Jon Kelly my mark X
    Jon Martine my mark X

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    23d Nolvembr, 1719

Kth:? Kinley has acknowledged the within surrender
to be his Voluntary Act and Deed, and the Tho Martin
and Jon Kelly two of the subscribeing witnesses to
this within surrender have made oath that the 
same was duly execited by the within named
Katherine Kinley, in their presences, and this 
before me.
        Chs Moore

                    At a sheading Court holden in
                    Castle Rushen the 5th May 1720

The within Deed of Settlement and Surrender being acknowledged
& proved before the Deemster and published in Court and no
objection made agt it therefore the same is confirmed according
to Law.
  Dan Mylrea
  Cha : Moore   Alexr Horne
                J Rowe
                Wm Sedden
                Dan Mylrea

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