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South Side Sale, Old Deed #17 Santan

Christopher Kinley and Isable Fargher

Articles of marriage condescended to, con-
cluded and agreed upon betwixt Christopfer
Kinley with the consent of his mother
Mary Kinley alias Hampton on the one 
part on his own behalf;  And Robt Fargher
with the consent of his wife Margrt Fargher
alias Cain, in behalf of  their Daughter Isable
Fargher on the other part both of the
Parish of St Annes as followeth.

First    It is agree’d upon that the foresaid Christopr
Kinley and Isable Fargher shall come to Holy
Church, and there be joined together in the
Holy State of Matrimony, God and Holy Church
permitting the same.

2d?    The above said Robt Fargher and his wife do
promise to give unto the sd Christopr Kinley
with their sd Daughter Isable Fargher in
Dowry or marriage goods the whole and just
Sum of ten pounds sterling:  to be paid either
in money or goods within four years after
the date hereof.

3??    The above named Marg[smudge] Kinley alias Hampton
doth promise to bequeath unto her said son
Christopher Kinley ^after her death her^ own half of all her
Tenement ^Intack^ and Houses, with half her Crop
of Corn Half her Team and her half of
the husbandry Gears.  he the sd Christoper
Kinley having now already the other half of
    [on left side of item 3] Note that the word Intack was interlin’d
    in presence of all the witnesses to this bargain

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all the within mentioned particulars in possession

????    All parties concern’d have bound themselves
to perform the within promises wither to other
in the penalty or forfeiture of Twenty
pounds sterling to be paid after the
manner of all fines with this Isle

As witness [smudge} Subscriptions this
?? only third day of August 1712
               Robt Fargher his mk  X
               Margt Fargher alias Cain hers  X
Signed and delivered       Mary Kinley alias Hampton hers  X
in presence of           Christopr Kinley his mk  X
   Jon Cosnahan             Isable Fargher hers  X
   John Fargher
   Wm Crebbin
   John Moor his mk  X
   John Brew his mk  X

31th January 1712/3

Mr Jon Cosnahan Vicar of KK Santan Wm Crebbin & Jon Moor
3 of the witnesses to this Contract have deposed the Same
to be Act and Deed of the parties thereunto, with
the ??????? ?? ?? the 3d Line of the 3d Article before – 
me            Jon Parr

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        At a Sheading Court holden at Castle Rushen
        this 2d June 1713

The within Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before 
the Deemster and now published in open Dourt and no – 
objection made agt them The same are therefore allowed of & 
confirmed according to Law            Jon Parr
            Dan Mylrea        R Powe
        [signature in fold?]        Wm Sedden

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