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South Side Sale, 1782 #82 Santan

Mary Kinley & Margt Kelly to Thos Kinnish

Know all men by these Presents that I Mary Kinley als Callow
& Margt Kelley als Kinley of the Parish of KK Braddan
Divers Good Causes & Valuable considerations us hereunto
moving but more Especially for & in Consideration of the 
full & Just Sum of Fifty five Pounds & Ten Shillings
Manks & Currency of this Isle by at & from the hands
of Thomas Kennish of the Parish of KK Santan at the
Worshipll Deemster’s attestation thereof.  Have Given
Granted Bargained Passed over & Sold & by these Presents
Do Give Grant Bargain passover & for ever absolutely
Sell from us the Said Mary Kinley & Margt Kelley
our Heirs Exrs admrs & assigns unto him the Said
Thomas Kennish his Heirs Exrs admrs & assigns all
our Whole Rights & Title in & unto a Certain Parcel
of Lands that we are now Possesses of Lying & Situated
in the Parish of KK Santan aforesaid the Same being
Part of Knockfreaies, adjoining the rent
of Wm Bridson’s Children on the East & South East,
adjoining the rent of Wm Oates on the South, South
West, & north west, & adjoining the road Leading
to Knockfreaie on the north - & bears the Annual
Rent of nine pence or thereabouts, To have & to hold
unto him the Said Thomas Kennish his Heirs Exrs admrs
& assigns the Premises aforesaid Commencing Possession

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on the Twelfth Day of Nov, next Ensuing the date
hereof, with all & singular the Rights members and
appurtenances thereof, as ways, waters, & waters Coarses
Easements liberties Emoluments properties & advantages
to the Said premises or any Part or Parcel belonging or in
any wise appertaining he the Said Thomas Kennish
his Heirs Exrs admrs & assigns yeilding & paying
the Honrble Lords rent with all other Boons, dues
duties Suits & Services yearly Incumbent on the
Premises at the times & Seasons usually accustomed
within this Isle – We the Said Mary Kinley & Margt
Kelley Do further Covenant & agree & hereby firmly
Bind & oblige ourselves our Heirs Exrs admrs & assigns
to uphold awarrant & Defend the Said Bargained premises
& Every Part & Parcel thereof unto him the Said Thos
Kennish his Heirs Exrs admrs & assigns agt the Pretended
Right Claime Challenge or Demand of any Person or
Persons Whatsoever Suing Claiming or Pretending title
or Interest by from or under us or any of us, & to
Procure the Deemster’s attestation together with the
Honrble Courts Confirmation to this Deed, & to do Every
other matter & thing necessary in Law for the
Strengthening & Suremaking of the Said Premises
For the true & faithfull Performance hereof

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& of all & Singular the Premises I the said Mary Kinley
& Margt Kelley Do hereby Bind & oblige ourselves
our Heirs Exrs admrs & assigns in & under the
Penalty of one Hindred Pounds Sterling to be
Levy’d & Paid according to Law & Custome
of this Isle, In Testimony Whereof we hereunto
put our hands & marks This 10th Augt 1781

Witnesses Present    Mary Kinley als Callow
                       my  X
   John Moore            Margt Kelley als Kinley
   Wm Craine my  X          my  X

Douglas    )
       )        High Bailiffs Court 19th Nov. 1781
District   )
        This day Personally appeared the Said Margaret
        Kelly and Acknowledged this deed of Sale to be her
        Proper Act and Deed : And John Moore & Wm Craine
        made Oath on the Holy Evangelists that Mary
        Kinley, the other party duely Executed the Same in
        their presence, & the Said Margt Kelley also
        Acknowledged that the Consideration money
        therein mentioned is fully paid – 
                        Before me
                            Wm Quayle

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        At a Court Baron holden at Douglas for the parishes
        of Braddan Santan & Marown the 6th Day of June 1782
The before written Deed of Sale being acknowledged ^& proved^ before the
^High Bailiff of Douglas^ and now openly published in Court & no objection offered against it 
The same is therefore allowed of for & in the Name & behalf of the
Most Noble John Duke of Atholl Lord of Mann and the Isles
& and Confirmed by this Court – 
                    P J Heywood


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