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South Side Sale, May 1740 #70 Santan

Wm Kinley & Ellinr Crow

Articles of Marriage agrees unto & Concluded upon by
and betwixt Christopher Kinley of Balnahown in the parish
of KK Santan in the behalf of his Son and Heir William
Kinley on the one part.  And Margaret Crow widow of
the Garey in the parish of KK Christlezaire in the behalf of
her Daughter Elinor Crow on the other part as followes

First    It is Covenanted and agreed upon that the sd William Kinley
and Elinor Crow his Intended Wife shall Enter into the
Holy Estate of Matrimoney within one Month after the date
hereof God & Holy Church allowing the same

2dly    It is agreed upon that the sd Christopher Kinley doth here
=by Settle and Estate upon his sd Son William Kinley the one
half of all his Houses & Lands together with on half of his
Husbandry Gears : at or upon Michaelms next, the one half
of the Crop & Team Being due to the sd Wm Kinley by the
Death of his Mother.  And the other half of all his sd Houses
& Lands, Crop, Team, and Husbandry Gears after the Decease
of the sd Christopher Kinley & the sd  Margt Crow (in Case the
two be at any time hereafter Married) or the longer liver
of either of them

3dly    It is agreed upon that the sd Margaret Crow doth pro=
=mise and oblige her self to give unto her sd Daughter Elinor
Crow (as Marriage Dowry) the Just sum of Twenty Pounds
Currancy of this Isle, viz ten Pounds thereof to be paid – 
before the first of November Next, and the Remaining ten
Pounds to be paid within five years at after and also
her Choice of three Houses, a Choice Cowe, a Choice Pot, six
young Ewes and two Coverlets two Blankets and a pair of

4thly    for the faithfull performance of all the above articles
all the above Mentioned parties do hereby bind and – 
oblige themselves either to the other in the penalty
and forfeiture of fifty Pounds Sterling to be levied
according to Law.  In witness whereof they have hereunto
Caused there Names & Mrks to be set this ye 10th Augt 1739

Note before the Signing hereof It is to be understood that
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the one half of the lands ^or Estate^  is already Sett for three
years not unexpired, and that the young Couple is only
to Enjoy the one half of the half now Remaining in the
within named Christopher Kinley’s holding and occupation
until the term of the sd Setting be expired, and then for
to Enjoy the whole of the sd Estate Equally betwixt them
during the Naturall life of the sd Christopher And after
his Decease the young Couple to Enjoy the sd whole
Estate as within meant and Intended free and debtless
Also it is agreed upon that the young Couple obliges
themselves to Redeem the Mortgage upon the premises
and afterwards to ^give^ the one half thereof to their Father
during his Naturall life as afforesd and this In penalty
of fifty pounds as afforesd 
                              Christopher Kinley’s  X
Signed & deliver’d        Margaret Crowes  X
in presence of                William Kinley’s  X
   John Moore                 Elinor Crowes  X
   John Krieg
   Wm Cretny
   Jon Corlet

19th March 1739 Christopher Kinley
Margaret Crowe & William Kinley
acknowledged ye with in & above
Articles of marriage to be their
voluntary Act & Deed before me
        Dan Mylrea

At a Sheading Court holden
at Castle Rushen the 13th
May 1740
The within and above Articles of Marriage having been Acknowledged before
the Deemster and now openly published in Court & no objection afforesd
agt them are therefore Allowed of and Confirmed according to Law.
        Dan Mylrea            J Murray
        Jon Taubman           Cha:Stanley
                              Jon Quayle
                              Wm Christian


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