Lib Vast 1658 pp50/52 [Rushen] - Henry Corrin and Margaret Keig

Henry Corrin and Margaret Keig (dated 10 August 1658)

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Articles of marriage condesnd concluded & maturely considered
agreed upon betwixt Jo: Corrin son to James Corrin, Nicholas
Corrin & Kathrin wife to the said Nicholas for & in the behalfe
of Henry Corrin son to Nicholas of kk (Arbory xd thru) Christ parish
on theone part & William Kegge & Ann his wife for & in ye
behalfe of their daughter Margrett Kegg on thother part as followeth

1) It is conditioned concluded and agreed upon that Henry Corrin
& Margrett Kegg shall joyne together in the holly estate of
marriage before November next

2) It is conditioned concluded and agreed upon & faithfull promised
and given by John Corrin son of James Corrin aforesaid and by
these prsents he [] doth give  grant sell alienate estrange
and for ever yeld up surrender & pass unto them the said Henry
Corrin (his bxxx son) and Mrgrett Kegg (now to be his wife) and
his issue heeires [] excutors administrators & assignes
for ever irrevocable ? all the cropp of corne or whatsoever
blonge properly to the said cropp [] ye lands or ground []
[] in the possession of Nicholas Corrin due to him the said John
Corrin by [] or [] of the yeerely rent of eight
shlings six pence single rent) the said Henry & Mrgrett
there issue, after them, yeldinge in payinge yeerely the said?
[] impositions due to the lord of the soyle
& also the said Jo: Corrin doth herby prmise engage & bind
hiselfe to enter the name of Henry Corrin afforesaid in the
Lds records as true & lawfull tenant to the said lands of
eight shillings [] single rent now yett in the possession
& occupation of Nicholas Corrin in Ballakilpatrick And 
[] it agreed upon that if it please God that issue be noe
[] betwixt the said Henry & Margrett then the land is to return
to next of kindred or the father [] Corrins And
a[] it is fully condiconed & aggreed upon that [] the
fallen & Mrgrett be wthout issue bgatt att or after the death
of ye said Henry Corrin the said Mrgrett his wife is to have
eight? shillings of the goods of her said husband
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3ly It is conditioned concluded & agreed upon that Nicholas Cor[rin]
& Kathrine his wife shall surrender & quit? give [] unto their
son Henry Corrin & Margrett his wife all the barganes []
& recitted that they have or had from Jo: Corrin his brot[]
James his son of the said lands of eight shillings six []
singlr rent or any thing [] belongeing or appertaining
and att the marridge of the said Henry & Mrgrett they
are to come ? intogether & cohabitt wth the said Nicholas &
Kathrine & have our meate & drinke & one house ? & if it
happen that they canot agree together then each to []
[] one house meate & drinke & Nicholas & his wife Kat=
hrine?  [] Hen: & Mrgrett shall [] and att the death of
ye said Nicholas they the said Hen & Mrgrett are to gaine ye []
part of ye sd houses lands & corne & after the death of []
Kathrin or the  [] [] heir? to have & enjoy all the []
lands houses & soever wth all their goods & [] horses or []
forever [] goods they shall dye possessed off movable &
unmoveable whatsoever; and in their lifetyme while they live []
shortly as soone as possibly they can possess after the ? marriage
of the said Henry & Mrgrett the said Nicholas & Kathrrin
is to give ? of their own [] goods but the said Hen: & Mrgrrett
three pounds of lawfull english money in hands sheep?
& a new blankett & a boule of high? corne

(4) It is conditiconed concluded & agreed uppon that they the said
Nicholas Corrin & Kathrin his wife shall releive & maintain
the sd John Corrin with meate drinke cloathes & all the neces[]
ries suitable to his degree & callinge during their natural
life and after the death of ye said Nicholas & Kathrin
the said Hen: Corrin & Mrgrett his wife is to releive &
mantain the said John Corrin in consideraton of ye first
article the lands & corne surrendered in ye meate & drinke
as they themselves receive and cloathes sutable to him wth all
other necessary & when he dyeth to be att ye funerall charge

(5) [] is conditoned concluded and agreed upon that William Kegg
& [] his wife shall endow & give in marriage goods with
her daughter Margrett Kegg to Henry Corrin the sum of
[] pounds of lawfull english money as soone as they
can possibly with a bowle of [] corne And att their death
when the rest of the children have soe much porton [] of ym
as she hath then shee is to have as full & equall part of theire
goods as any of the other of ye children And for the per=
formance of all & singular these prmises all the above
said prties have bound themselves in the penalty of double
the value in witness whereof they have [] putt
their names & markes the 10th of August 1658
Signed & delivered in          Jo: Corrin his mrk
the presence of                Nicho: Corrin his mark
Tho?: Corrin his mrk            Kath Corrin her mark
Jno? Cubon his mrk              William Kegg his mark
john Cuooll ? his mrk          Ann Kegg her mrk
John Corrin? his mrk 
Tho: Read his mrk

iiii[4] jany 1658
This is [] upon record by request
of the prties for better saftie thereof and that
the severall [] & condicons therein
mentioned may apeare at all tyme for the
future and this before me
  Willm Qualtrough
  Rich Tyldesley


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