North Side Sale, Old Deed #7 Patrick (Court Oct 1710)

Thomas Karran and Ann Cooile

Att the intermarriage of Thomas Karran and Anne
Cooil the following articles now agreed and concluded
upon, by Jon Karran and his wife Margtt in behalf
of their sd son Thomas Karran on the one part and
the sd Anne Cooil in her own behalf on the other part
this 18 day of May 1708

First The said Jon Karran and his wife Margtt doe hereby
oblige themselves to give unto their said son and daughtet
in law, the one half of all their worldly goods of what
nature soever, the said Thomas Karran their son and
Ann Cooil their daughter in law allowing and giving 
reciprocally to their said father and mother the one half
of their goods of what nature soever as aforesd

2ly The said Thomas Karran and Anne his wife doe
hereby oblige themselves to give grant and settle upon 
their sd father and mother John Carran and Margtt his
wife the one half of their lands of what nature soever
during the natural life of ye longer liver of either
of them, to the said John Karran, and Margtt his
wife tilling and manageing the said lands or tenement
together with them and paying all such rents dutys
and services payable out of the same together with
them during the said term of their lives as aforsd. And
after the discease of ym sd Jon Karran or Margtt his wife
or the longer liver of them, the young couple are to have
the one half of their half cropp, and all
husbandry gears; and the sd Jon Karran or his wifes
Exrs to have only one quarter of ye whole cropp.

For performance of all which both partys have obliged them
selves in the penalty of ten pounds payable in the nature of
all fines, as witness their names and marks this day and
first ? above written
Signed and delivered in presence of        Jon Karran my X
Tho: Cotter my X                           Margtt Karran my X
William Cannell my X                       Tho Karran my X
Wm Cooil my mk                             Anne Cooile my X

5 February 1708/9
Wm Cannell and Wm Quoole two of the witnesses to the
within articles of marriage have deposed the same to be
the act and deed of the parties thereunto before me  Jon Parr

At a sheading court holden att Peeltown the 16 Octbr 1710
The wthin articles of agreemt being acknowledged before the
Deemster & now published in court & no objections made
agt it therefore the same is allowed of & confirmed according
to law by us
             Robt Mawdesley
Jon Parr     J Rowe
Dan Mcylrea  Wm Sedden


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