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South Side Sale, October 1782 #88 Malew

Christr Bridson and Jane Kinley

Articles of Marriage Made Concluded and Agreed ^upon^ by and between
Christover Bridson of the Money-Moower in his own behalf on the
one part – And Phillip Kinley and Anne his wife on the behalf
of there daughter Jean Kinley on the other part all of the parish
of KK Malew are as followeth – 

first    it is agreed upon that the said young Couple namly Christover
Bridson and Jean Kinley is to Enter into the Holy Estate of
Matrimoney within the space of one month after the date hereof
God and Holy Church permitting – 

secondly  It is agrees upon by sd parties that all the Estate of lands 
belonging to the said Christover Bridson is to go fall and decend
as heirship after the death of sd Christover Bridson to the Right
heir at law – 

thirdly It is agreed upon that the sd Phillip Kinley and Anne his wife
doth hereby bind and Engage them selves to Give or pay or Cause
to be paid unto the sd Christover Bridson the Just sum of twenty
pounds together with a bed and bed Cloathes as portion or marriage
dowrey besides Every thing that ^was^ named to be the sd Jean Kinleys 
with their sd daughter – 

lastly    It is agreed upon that in Case the sd Christover Bridson is to 
die before a year and a day after his marriage without Esue that
in that case the sd portion of dowrey is to return unto his said
Intended wife together with ten pounds of the Goods of the sd
Christover Bridson and also in Case that the said Jean Kinley
the Intended wife is to die before a year and a day after their
Marriage without Esue that the sd portion of or dowery is to return
unto the sd Jean Kinleys parents or next of Kinn – 

And for the true and faithfull performance hereof and Every
article herein mentioned we all parties doth hereby bind ourselves
our heirs Exrs admrs & assigns in & under the penalty of sixty
pounds to be paid acording to as witness our names and
Marks this the 11th day of August 1781

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Witnesses present at            Phillip Kinley my mark  X
the signing hereof            Anne Kinley my mark  X
  John Taggart mu mark  X        Christover Bridson my mark  X
  Richard Corrin            Jean Kinley my mark  X

3d June 1782
The above named Philip Kinley
and Jean Kinley (now Jane
Bridson) acknowledge the before
written Articles of Marriage to
be their proper act and Deed
And John Taggart and Richard
Corrin made oath upon the Holy
Evangelists That Christopher – 
Bridson (late deceased) duly
Executed these articles of
Marriage as his proper act and
Deed in the presence of these
deponents     Before me – 

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    At a Court Baron holden ^at Castletown^ for the parishes of
    Malew, Arbory and Rushen the 9th Decembr 1782

The beforewritten Articles of Marriage having ^been^ acknowledged
and proved before the Deemster and now openly published in
Court and no objection offd against them.  The Same are
therefore allowed of for and in the Name and behalf of the
most Noble John Duke of Atholl Lord of the Manor of Mann
and the Isles and confirm’d by this Court – 
                    Robt Heywood

Married Malew 17810818, no children found - the clause re early death etc would soon apply - Christopher Bridson was buried Geman 17820426- his will in German:- dated 23 Feb 1782;Peel;niece Jane Brew; nephews Casar + Joshua Brew;wife Jane;names Thos Halsal;fa-i-law[Philip Kinley]alive;sis Elinor Brew executrix;in inventory described as from Moaney Moar Malew;executrix stated as not able to travel and petitions that debts exceed effects. Jane married John Bridson of Arbory Malew 17851130

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