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South Side Sale, October 1723 #33 Malew

William Kinley to Joney Quaile

Articles of marriage covenanted and agreed upon by
and Between William Kinley in the Behalf of his 
Son William Kinley one ye one parte and Thomas
Quaile in ye Behalf of his Daughter Joney
Quaile, upon the other party as followeth

First	It is agreed upon that the sd young cupple
William & Joney shall meete together at
the parsith Church of KK Malew and
there be Joyned in ye holey Estate of matrimony
within the space of one month (God and holy Church
2ly	It is agreed upon by and Between all parties that
the sd William Kinley doth give unto his son
William all his Right in houses and gardens
after his death only reserving the whole house
unto the Longgar liver of the sd William Kinley &
Joney Kinley wife unto ye sd William Kinley and ye
sd young cupple is to have ye benefit of ye lower gardens,
3ly	It is agreed upon that the sd Thomas Quaile
doth promise to give unto there Intended Son 
in Law William Kinley for Dowry or portion
with there Daughter Joney Quaile the sum of
three pounds to be paid within the space of three 
Lastly	It is agreed upon by & Between all parties that
for performance of all ye above Covenants and
Conditions all parties have bound themselves & there
Heirs Exectors Administrators or assignes in the pen=
nalty or forfeiture of twenty pounds the one half 
to the Right Honable Lord of the Isle and the other
half to ye party performing  In witness whereof 
they have here unto sett there names and marks
this 2? of march 1722
                         William Kinley His Mark X
Signed and Delivered     Thomas Quaile his X
in presents of us        Will: Kinley junr his mark X
Robt Cesar               Joney Quaile her mark X
John  Callester
Danill Keekin his Mark X
John Cotteman	
                           25th Jan: 1722
                           All partyes concerned in the within, and
                           above, Articles of Marriage; came, and have
                           acknowledged the same, to be their Voluntary
                           Act, and Deed, Before Me.
                                Cha: Moore
	At an Abbey Court held at Ballasalley
			9th October 1723
The wthin Articles of Marriage being acknowledged
before the Deemster & now published in open
Court & no objection offered agn them, the same are
therefore allow’d of & confirm’d according to Law

              Jno Sanforth
Cha: Moore    J Rowe
              Dan Mylrea
              John: Smith
              Dan: Mylrea

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