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South Side Sale, May 1799 #41 Malew

John Gell & Ann Kinley

ARTICLES of Marriage concluded conde=
scened contracted and agrees upon by and be
tween I Isabel Gell of Ballasalla in behalf
of her Nephew John Gell on the one part and
Philip Kinley and his wife Anne Kinley
of Billown in the Parish of Malew in behalf
of their Daughter Anne Kinley on the other
part as follows

First It is agreed upon that they the sd Young
Couple Shall enter ^into^ the Honorable Estate of
Matrimony and be marryed and joined
together marriage before the Expira-
tion of a month from the date hereof God and
the Holy Church permitting the Same – 

Secdly It is agreed upon that the sd Isabel Gell 
for and in consideration of the natural love
and affection that I do have to him the said
John Gell and also in consideration of the
sum of ten shillings to me in hand paid –
do hereby give grant settle and Estate to and
upon him the sd John Gell in Marriage Con-
tract all my Concerns of houses and Garden
in which I now dwell lying situate in Balla
salla and adjoining the road in the front and
Creer’s flat and Thomas Neals Rent from me
the sd Isabel Gell and my heirs Extrs Admtrs and
assigns To have and to hold unto him the said
John Gell and his heirs Extrs Admtrs and – 
^assigns^ the premises aforesd the one half in present
possession and the other half to be poss^es^ed by him
the sd John Gell after my death – 

Thirdly  It is agreed upon that I the sd Philip Kinley
with the consent of my wife Anne Kinley do
hereby promise and oblige ourselves to give

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unto our sd Daughter Anne Kinley in
Marriage Dowry along with the sd John
Gell the full and Just sum of Thirty pounds
to be paid at the Expiration of one year af=
ter the date hereof with what is already
named upon her and the half of all our
Worldly goods and Effects whatsoever after
the longest liver of either of us the sd Philip 
Kinley and my wife Anne Kinley – 

And for the true and faithfull perform=
ance hereof I the sd Isabel Gell Philip Kin=
ley and my wife Anne Kinley John Gell and 
Anne Kinley do hereby bind and oblige
ourselves and our heirs Extrs Admtrs and
assigns in the penalty of one Hundred
pounds to be Levy’d and paid according
to Law and [obscured by ink blotted from next page] whereof we have
hereunto subscribed our names or caused
our marks to be sett to our names this 9th Decr 1797
Signed and delivered        Isabel Gell my mark  X
  In presence of –        Philip Kinley my mark  X
  Charles Hudghin        Anne Kinley my mark  X
  John Shimmim            John Gell
                Anne Kinley my mark  X

        At Castletown 13? April 1799
Isabel Gell & John Gell two of the executing
parties to the before written articles of Marriage
acknowledged the same to be their proper Act
and Deed and Charles Hudghin and John 
Shimmin the subscribing witnesses made oath

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On the Holy Evangelists that Philip Kinley
Amm Kinley and Ann Kinley the other 
executing parties duly signed and executed
the same in their presence.
            Before me
                Norris Moore

        At an Abby Court holden at St John’s
        the 16th April 1799 – 
The beforewritten Articles of Marriage being proved before the
High Bailiff and now openly publishd in Court & no Objection
offered agst the same is therefore recorded for the benefit of All
persons Concerned.
                    John Lace

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