North Side Sale, Old Deed #5 Michael (Court Oct 1711)

John Kaighin and Margaret Callister

Articles of Marriage agreed concluded and con-
descended upon by and between Hen Kaighin of K
Michael and his wife Elinr Kaighin als Gellin in the
behalf of their son Jon Kaighin on ye one pty and Adam
Calister of ye sd pish in ye behalf of his daughter Margtt
Calister an ye other pty as followeth -

First it is agreed & concluded yt the sd couple shall enter into ye holy
estate of matrymony at or before WhiteSunday next after date
hereof God & holy Church allowing ye same.

2dly It is agreed & consented unto yt the sd Hen Kaighin doth give
and deliver unto his sd son Jon Kaighin half of all his lands yt
belong unto him; half ye cropp of corn & hey, half of team
yt now is and half of all husbandry gears belonging to ye
sd farm immediately when they call for them and the other half
of wt is mentioned before after the death of them Hen &
Elinor and half of wt vessells yt is in ye house

3ly Itt is agreed and consented unto yt the sd Ad: Calister is to give
and deliver unto his sd daughter Margt imediately when she
calls for all wt goods or money or portion of goods due to her
by the death of her mother wch ye sd Adam consented unto at
her will

4thly And lastly for the full performance & asurance of all the 
above premises both partyes have oblidged themselves in
ye penalty & forfeiture of ten pounds fine; half to ye rt Honlbe
Ld & ye other half to ye pty grieved, in wittness whereunto both
ptys have caused their names & marks to be here written the
ninth day of May 1710
Sighned & delivered in prsence           Hen Kaighin my mk
Jon Loony my mk                          Elinr Kaighin my mk
Hugh Calister my mark                    Ad: Calister my mrk
Jon Kewley                               Jon Kaighin my mrk
                                         Margt Calister my mrk
                20th 8ber [October] 1711
Elinr Kighin wife to ye above Hen: Kaighin & Adam Callister
have acknowledged the above articles to be their act & deed. Likewise
two of ye witnesses viz Jon Loony & Hugh Callister have deposed ye same to
be the act & deed of Hen: Kaighin (who is now dead) before me
          Dan Mcylrea
Att a Sheading court holden at Peeltown the 23 Octbr 1711
The within articles of marriage being acknowdged & proved 
before Mr Deemster Mcylrea & now published in open court 
& no objection agtst therefore the same is allowed of 
confirmed according to law
       Robt Mawdesley
       Jon Parr    J Rowe
       Dan Mcylrea    Wm Sedden


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