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North Side Sale, Old Deed #5 Maughold

Marriage Contract William Woods + Jane Christian

KK Maughold ye 31th day of March anno - 1711

Articels of Marriage Concluded Covenanted and a greed upon by &
betwen William Woods of ye Parish of KK Maughold on his own
behalf on ye one party and Jane Christian of ye Parish aforesaid
in her own behalf on ye other Party as followeth
1ly    it is a greed upon that the said Cupal is to enter into the holy
estate of Matremony on or before the twentyfift of April next
if god and ye Church permit
2ly    it is agreed upon the a foresaid William Woods doath give
    To the aforesaid Jane Christian if he doath dy Childles Tho
    It be within a yeare & a day The one half of the Curragh
    and Likwise half of ye Meedow while Shee lives
    for the True performance of the a bove a greement ye aforesaid
    parteys do bind Them selves the one to ye other in Ten pounds
    fine or forfeture The one half to the Honarable Lord of this
    Isle and the other half to the party griveed in witness thereof 
    wee have hereunto Set our hands the day & yeare a bove Writen 

witnessis                    William Woods x
present - - - John Custean - - x    viz - - 
                        Jane Christian x
            William Louney - - x

26th Septembr. 1711
The wittnesses have deposed 
the above Articles to be the
mutuall agreement of the
parties their unto Subscribed 
Before me 
    Dan. Mylrea
            At a Sheadeing Court holden at Douglass
            the 26th October 1711
    The above Articles of Marriage beeing [read] before ye Deemster
    Mcylrea & now published in open Court & noe objection agt. it 
    the same is allowed of & [conficured] according to Law
                        Jon. Parr Robt Mawdslley :
                    Dan Mylrea        [can't read]
                                Wm Sedden     

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