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North Side Sale, October 1742 #26 Maughold

John Cannell and Christian Christian

Articles of marriage Condescended unto Concluded and agre
= ed upon by and between William Christian of Ballafail in the
parish of KK Maughold, and Margrett, his wife in the behalf
of their Eldest Daughter & Heiress ^ on ye one part, and John
Cannel of KK Lonnan in his own behalf on the other part
as follows,
Imps. It is Covenanted and agreed upon by the above parties
that the aforenamed young couple vizt. John Cannel and _
Christian Christian Shall Enter into the holy Estate of _
matrimony at or before ye ffeast of St. luke the Evangelist
[at] next Ensueing ye Date hereof God an Holy Church permitting
2.ly It is Concluded and agreed upon that the sd. William Christian
and Margtt. his wife do Settle upon, and give unto their afforesd.
Daughter Christian, and her intended husband, the one half of
their whole Estate of Ballafail, in present possession, as well _
quarter Land, as Intack, and also half the Team vizt. three
Beasts, with all their husbandry Gears and Utensils, and a [Colt];
And this Crop to be Equally between them, and to seed the Ground
with the same, and the young Couple to receive and Enjoy the
Ensueing Crop after seeding; and to pay the Lords ^ for [this value]
= ing; and also what Interest is already due to John Callow _
And the said William Christian and margret his wife to have
and receive the fifth part of Corn & Hay, with the [Graising]
of a Cow and a horse Dureing the natural life of the sd. Wm.
& Margret or the Longest liver of them, they seeding a fifth
part of the Corn, and pay yearly a fifth part of ye Lords {Rent]
and they are also to have a spaides cutting of turfe in ye Curraugh
3.ly And for as much as the other half of the aforesd. Estate wth. half
the crop, Team, and husbandry Gears are in the possession of
Jony Corkil alias Quirk Relict of Peter Corkil late deceas'd &
further (in fold of document) she ye sd. Jony
Enjoys During her natural life, by virtue of a Contract
bearing Date ye 5th of Octobr. 1719 as more at large 
by the sd. Contract ____ It is concluded and agreed upon that
The aforesd. William Christian and Margt. his wife Do hereby
give and Settle that same half on their said daughter and
her intended husband at the sd. Joney's Decease, or relinguishing
with half the sd. Half of Crop, Team, & husbandry Gears; [then] upon
ye Receipt of wch. ye young Couple is to pay two pounds ten shill
as required by ye afforesd. Contract. And the afforsd. Wm. & Margt.
to Enjoy a fifth part of ye Crop of Corn & hay wth. ye grasing of
another Cow & horse as Specified in fore going Article ___
and have also reserved a house and Garden to themselfes
4ly It is further Concluded and agreed upon, that if it please
God to bless ye sd William with a son to Inherit ye sd. Estate
that then And in that case, the afforesd. young couple is to
hold and Enjoy the Estate wth. crop, Team, and husbandry __
Gears, as specifyed in the foregoing Articles untill the son
and Heir arrives to the age of twenty one years; at the __
[Lapiration] of wch. time ye son to pay unto the sd. young Couple
the sum of twenty pounds sterl ; five pounds ten shills. __
being an Incumbrance on ye Estate already; And upon
the [fect]of the sd. twenty pounds the afforesd. young Couple
viz. Christian Christian and her sd. intended husband is to leave
and acquitt ye sd. Estate, wth. Crop, Team, & husbandry Gears
wth.out any Incumbrance
Lastly And for the true and faithfull performance of all the
foregoing Articles and agreements all the afforenamed parties
do : bind and oblige themselves in the penalty and forfeiture
of Sixty pounds Sterl to be levyed & paid in the nature of
all such fines & forfeitures within this Isle as wittness
their Subscriptions this Eleventh day of September One
thousand seven hundred and fourty one ___
Signed and delivered
in presence of William Christian my mrk X
Patrick Cannel my mrk X Margt. Christian my mrk X
Thos. Kermod my mrk X Jon Cannel my mrk X
Robt. Crain my mrk X Christian Christian my mrk X
Robt. Callow my mrk X
18th May 1742
John Cannell Acknowledged the within
and above Articles of Marriage to bee
his Voluntary Act and Deed, Patrick Cannell
and Robt. Crain two of the Subscibing __
witnesses made Oath that Willm. Christian
Margt. Christian and Christian Christian
duly Executed the same in their presence
this before me
Jon Taubman
At a sheading Court holden at Douglas
the 11th Oct. 1742
The beforegoing Articles of Marriage being
acknowledged and proved before the Deemster
and now openly published in Court, & no
objection offered agt. them, are therefore
allowed . & Confirmed according to Law
Dan Mylrea
Jon. Taubman
[Jon] Quayle
Wm. Christian

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