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North Side Sale, May 1748 #46 Maughold

Tho Kelvie & wife to John Steven

Know all men by these presents that I Thomas
    Kelvie of the Town of Ramsey with the full Consent
    of Cathrine Kelvie als. Blackburn my wife [Diverse] and
    Causes and Consideracons me hereunto mainly but Chiefly
    for and in Consideracon of the full and Just sume of
    Thirteen pounds sterl. Money To me in hand paye -
    before the signeing and Delivery hereof with and from ye
    hands of my friend and Neighbour John Steven
    [moveth] In sayd Town, Have given Granted Allienated
    Passed over and Sold and by these presents Doe give Grant
    allienate Passover and for ever absolutely Sell unto him
    him the afforesd. John Steven his Heyres Ex: rs admstrs. & assigns
    from me my Heyres & assigns a Certain House belonging
    to me in the afforesd. Town adjoining to the street on the South
    west and on the West and North west, and to Hugh Marteenes -
    rent on the South east beareing the annual Lord's Rent of
    one penny or thereabouts being Intack Land To have and
    To hold unto him the sayd John Steven his Heyres and assigns the
    afforsd. House Together with the street and other Easements
    Libbertyes proffitts and advantages thereunto belonging as
    ways watter and watter Courses Together with all Boons Suits
    and services as is annually Incumbent and allotted on the Premisses
    Thereafter and also the afforesd  annual Lord's Rent and further I
    the afforesd.  Thos. Kelvie Doe hereby oblidge my self my Heyres and
    assigns to awarrant and Defend the premisses in the peaceable - 
    possession of him the afforesd.  Jon: Steven his Heyres and assigns
    against the pretended right of any person or persons whatsoever
    The Honrble. Lord of this Isle only Excepted: and to  Pcure the
    Worship:ll Deemstrs. approbacon and the Honrble Courts
    Confirmacon hereunto: and to D(rest of line in the fold of Document)
    further act or acts yt may or can be requiseite to be done for
    for the better security of him the afforesd Jon Steven - 
    his Heyres Exrs. admstrs: & assigns: And to the True and
    ffaithfull performance of all and singular the - 
    prmisses we the afforesd Thomas Kelvie and Cathrine
    Kelvie my wife Doe hereby ffirmly bind & oblidge ourselves
    our Heyres Exers. Admstrs. & assigns under the pennalty or
    forfiture of Thirty pounds Sterl:n money to be Levied and
    And payd according to Law and practice within this Isle : -
    In Testimony whereof we have hereunto sett our hands &
    mrks. This 28th Decembr.  1747 
                        Thomas Kelvie my mrk.
Signed & Delivered           Cathrine Kelvie als Blackburn
       In pressence of                        my mrk.
    Daniel Christian x
    Edmnd. Kneen Senr:

               9th Febry  1747  Thomas Kelvie and 
                 Catherine Kelvie acknowledged the
                 within and above Bill of Sale to 
                  be their voluntary Act and Deed
                  before me
                    Dan Mylrea

At a Sheading Court holden at Douglas the 9th : -
May   1748 

The within and above Bill of Sale having been -
Acknowledged before the Deemster and now - 
openly published in Court and no objection offered
agt. it - Is therefore allowed of and Confirmed - 
according to Law  

        Dan Mylrea        [E Moeson]
                    J. Quayle
        Jon. Taubman        Wm. Christian 

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