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North Side Sale, May 1748 #45 Maughold

Andrew Crebbin & Wm Looney - agreement

Whereas  there Has Been a dispute Bettween Andrew Crebin,
and Wm. Looney, of the Parish of KK Maughold, Concerning
a Croft Commonly Known,  by the name of Crottie Bollelost,
they have this day Unanimously agreed upon, by both parties
that Andrew Crebin with the Consente of his wife Christian Crebin
als Looney doth give and surrender, unto Wm. Looney the forth part
of ye north Croft Called Bollelost, in & upon side, Length ways from,
from  ye [rowings] Croft,  to ye other part of ye said Croft, dureing
the foresd. William Looney naturall life < & his wifes > and then after
 their decease to Return to the Issue yt shall become Heires, to ye Rest of ye Lands
[ye]  the said Andrew Crebin, & his wife doth Enjoy at present, He
the said Wm. Looney paying, all the Honrble., Lords Rente as shall 
be proportioned on by ye Setting quest with all Boons suits & 
belonging to his own Part or proportion - 
secondly it is agreed upon yt the said Andrew & his wife, doth allow, ye sd.
    Wm. Looney, to have one halfe of ye Crop of ye whole Premises for
    this present year, he ye foresd. Wm. Looney Excluding himself of all the
    Right yt he has or may have to any part of ye said Lands belonging
    to him or his, and for the true and faithfull performance of all &
    Singular Both parties, doth bind & oblidge themselves in the Penallty
    and forfeiture of twenty Pounds sterling, the one halfe to the Hon :
    Lord, of this Isle & other halfe to ye Party Greived, in testimony hereof
    they hereunto sett their Marks to their Names this second day of
    Octber 1747                Wm Looney my x
Testes    Patt Cermeen my x            Andrew Crebin my x
    Patt : Christian                Christian Crebin my x

            2nd April 1748  The Subscribing witnesses
                Patt Cermeen and Patrick Christian made
                Oath that the above Deed of Agreement
                was duly executed and perfected
                in their presence by William Looney And
                Andrew Crebin acknowledged the same
                to be his Act and Deed before me
Dan Mylrea

                    At a Sheading Court holden at
                    Douglas the 9th May 1748
            The within Deed of Agreement being proved
            and acknowledged before the Deemster and now
            Openly published in Court, and no objection
            offered agt. it, Is therefore allowed of and
            Confirmed according to Law

                Dan Mylrea        [B] [Mvosay] 
                Jon Taubman        Jon Quayle
                            Wm Christian

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