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North Side Sale, May 1731 #41 Maughold

Robert Kerruish and Ann Costean

Articles of Marriage Concluded Covenanted and agreed upon by
and betwixt John Costeen of bollyvelt in the parish of KK Maughold
with the Joynt Consent of his wife Joney Costeen for & in behalfe of
there daughter Ann: Costeen on the one parte : and Robart Kerish of
the said parish for and in behalfe of himselfe on the other parte are as
1 ly It is agreed upon that the aforesaid Robart and Ann is to Enter-into
the holy Estate of mattrimony at or before the first of march next
god and holy Church allowing the Same
2 ly It is agreed upon that the aforesaid John and Joney Costeen
doath give unto there foresaid daughter Ann as porcion or marriage
dowrey halfe there tennement of bollyvelt with halfe there houses
and halfe of all other Lands thereunto or unto them belonging of what
[kinde] or nature soever with halfe there Crop of Corn and halfe there
Teame of oxen and halfe of all there goods movable and unmovable of
what kinde or nature soever in present possesion oblidgeing themselves
to leave the other halfe of all there Lands and houses free or debt -
- less unto the foresaid young Cuple after the death of the longeast liver
of the foresaid John and Joney
3 ly For the true performance of all and Singler these Articils boath parties
hath bound themselves in penelty or forfitture of forty pounds manks
Currant halfe to the Honrbl. Lord of this Isle and halfe to the
party performing Covenant and hath hereunto sett there hand marks
this 6 of febry 1729
30 John Costeene x
Joney Costeen x
wittnesses present Robart Kerrish x
Wm : Christian mk. x Ann Costeen x
Christopher Callow

12th fb. 1730
Wm : Christian & Christofr : Callow subscribeing Witnesses to ye above
Contract bargaine have made Oath that the same was Duly
Executed by the Subscribeing partyes as their volluntary Act
& Deed in their pssence further Declaring that Jo : Costeen exepted
a young Grey Mair in his owne keeping out of ye : whole for his owne
use, & this before me
Nicho. Christian
At a Sheading Court held at Douglass
ye 10th May 1731
The wth in Articles of marriage being acknowleg=
proved : (smudge) before ye Deemstr. & now published in open
Court & no objection offered against them, they are
therefore allowed of & confirmed according to Law
Cha : Moore Tho : Horton
Nicho : Christian James Horton
Cha : Stanley
Dan : Mylrea

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