Lib Canc 1676 p86 [Maughold]

Dan Corkill and Margery Christian

86 June the 12th 1673 
Articles of marriage agreed upon betwixt Donald Corkle of the pish
and kk Maughall on the one prtie & Margery Christian of the sd parish one
the other prtie are followeth

Imprs The couple coople aforesd is to enter this day into the holy estate of
matrimony god & holy church pmitting the same.

Itt Itt is hereby agreed & concluded upon betwixt John Corkle
brother to the afforsd Donold and the sd Donold himselfe and his now inten=
ed wife, that what lands ^& houses^ so ever way due to them or either of them, by
the death of their father, as also what lands they themselves purchased
should bee equally betwixt them two, viz John & Don: their heyres exectrs
adminstrtrs and assignes for ever after the day of the date hereof
wth all prffitts thence arising, the sd Don: giving his brother John
one bowle of barley & one bowle of oats in considercon of the agree=
ment betwixt and that in regard hee wanted good corne

Itt is also condiconed by Christian Quorke mother to the above named John & 
Donald, that, her sone Donald shall have & Enjoy, himselfe his sd. wife 
& their issue all her prte of the above Land  &  houses with her prte of the
crop of Corne hee maintaining her as is fitting, and have nith=
standing that shee hath given him viz Donald this bargaine of her prte
asaforesd, given also her consent & approve of the mutuall agreemt. above
written betwixt her 2 Sons.
Itt is further agreed by the 2 brothers aforesd. that the sume of 
thirtie Eight shillings wch was to be paid for a prcell of Land, to one
Hugh Clarke & Xtian Costen should bee equally paid betwixt them
each prtie being as thus agreed have bound themselved in forfeiture of ú10.
to performe accordingly.
Witnesses                               Christian Corkle als Quorke X herůmrk
Rich Cottingham   X                     John Corkle  . His mrk
Will Callow   W                         Katherin Callow  X her marke  [note added in different ink similar to scribe's certificate]
                                        Donald Corkle X his mrk
                                        Margory Christin X her mrk  

[part lost in binding]
[] ye 3rd 1676
[I d]oe ackowledge that ye above contract was
[wri]tten by me and that it is truth in every prticuler
[] best of my remembrance, except the
[subs]ripcon of Kath: Callow as wittnesse
[my] hand  Rich Fox

[?june]ne ye 9th 1676
Wm Callow the surviving witnesse hath deposed the above contract to be
true in every, prticulr and Mr. Rich: Fox the scribe hath also deposed
his above certificate to be altogeather true, and all this before me

                                           Edw : Christian

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