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Lib Canc 1669 p15 [Maughold]

William Corkill and Joney Kerruish

September the 29th 1661                    15

   Articles of Marriage condescended concluded, and Agreed upon by and betwixt William
Corkle of Ballaglasse in ye prish of KK Maughall wth ye [Aprobacon] and consent of his Grandfather
Christopher Callow, and also of his Mother Jony Callow on the one prte ; and Robt. Kerroush and
Isable his wife in the behalfe of their Daughter Jony Kerroush on the other prte as

It is hereby concluded and Agreed uppon that the above named Will Corkle and Jony Kerroush
Shall [forth]  Enter into ye holy Estate of Matrimony if God pmitt. & C :
Also further concluded by all pties that the above named Robert Kerroush & Isable his wife
Shall Imeadiatly Enter and possesse themselves of ye whole tenement of Ballaglasse afore said
And by them to be occupied to and for their own [cumfitt] and also [unto] [God] for and ..
The [Tearme] and  of two whole yeare next after ye date hereof, and no longer
.. it bee theire own free will to continue therein ; and after the Expiracon thereof
that is to say if ye sd Two yeares the sd Will Corkle and Jony his wife is to Enjoy the one half
of ye above named Tenement if they please, and find themselves in a capacitie to manage
[The] Affaires thereof ; and the other halfe to be at the whole disposeing of the above named
ro : Kerroush and Isable his wife, or dureing the longest liver of either of them if they
[please] [as aforesd] to  continue therein

[further] also agreed that in case it shall please God to call for either of ye above named
will Corkle and Jony his wife (that is to say that there bee no [Issueses] issue living) that then
there shall, and must return to the above named Ro : Kerroush, and Isable his wife, or 
their [Executors] the full sume of Ten pounds sterlin out of the whole ; that is to say ..
of ye Goods of Either ptie and the remainder Equally devided as the Law so 
but if in case there be Issue to Enjoy it, this .. condicon to bee of no Effect :
the above named Robert Kerruosh and Isable his wife doth hereby binde themselves to
give to and wth their sd Daughter to the above named Will Corkle as porconed or dowry
the full Sume of twentie pounds in money or money worth to bee paid [or] the sd Will
shall have occacon to .. the [same] to bee Enjoyed by him & his said wife and the
issue lawfully begotten betwixt them. And this to bee their Voluntary Act and
deede they have hereunto subscribed their names.

Signed in the prsence of                            Christopher Callow . his mrk
Joh : Huddlestone                                       Jony Callow . her mrk
Jo : Kerroush                                             Will Corkle .. his mrk
Pat : Callow                                               Ro : Kerroush . his mrk
Will Corkle                                                Isable Callow . her mrk
Will Kerroush                                            Jony Kerroush . her mrk
Rich Fox

           It is to bee under stood that the above named Will Corkle doth hereby binde
           Himselfe that in case there bee [any] pr contract wt soever [private] or
           Publice betwixt himself, or any other, and that the above named [Robert]
            .. will bee [constrained] by Law to bee lyable to such obligacones and
           if ye sd Robert [disburse] any, for in his behalfe, that then it shall and is to bee
           by him allow'd in the porcen of £20 above named.
                                                                                              Will Corkle 

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