North Side Sale, 1823 #42 Maughold - Daniel Looney to Robert Looney

Know all men by these presents that I Daniel Looney of the
Crow Creen in the parish of KK Maughold by and with the consent
of Isabella Looney otherwise Casson my wife Testified her being
a Party hereunto and Executing these Presents Divers good
Causes and Considerations us hereunto moving but Cheifly 
And more especially For and in Consideration of the
Natural love affection and Parental Regard we have 
and do bear towards our dutiful and well beloved son
Robert Looney for the many different Services Render by
him to us And further in Consideration of the Just and 
full Sum of One Hundred and two Pounds good and
lawfull money According to the Currency of Great britain
two Pounds of which is already paid to us at the execution
whereof the Receipt hereof is hereby Acknowledged and the
Remaining Hundred to be paid at by our said son Robert
at his attaining Possession of the here after mentioned premises
Have therefore Given Granted Bargained Confirmed and Sold
And by these presents do give Grant bargain Confirm and 
for ever absolutely Sell unto hin the said Robert Looney
All and Singular Our whole Right title and interest of
in And Unto Our present Estate of the said Crow Creen as
well Quarterland and intack Situate in the said parish
of KK Maughold with the Houses buildings Hagyard Gardens
and all other edifices made and erected on the same the Whole
of the said Tenement bearing the annual Lords Rent of
Seven shillings and One penny or thereabouts From me
the said Daniel Looney and Isabella my wife Our Heirs Execs.
admons.  and Assigns. To Have and to hold unto our said son
Robert Looney his Heirs Execs. Admons. and Assigns the premises
aforesaid and every individual Part and Member of the same
and to Commence Possession of the One moeity thereof emediately
at the death of his said Father Daniel Looney and the Other
half or moeity at the death of his said mother Isabella Looney
with all its ways Waters Water Courses Easements liberties
Rights Members And Appurtinances to the said Premises belonging
or in Any wise Appurtaining He the said Robert Looney his 
Heirs Exors. admons. and Assigns Yeilding and paying the
Chief Lords Rent And doing paying and performing all other
Boons Suits and Services yearly incumbent and Chargeable
on the said Sold premises And the said Daniel Looney
and Isabella my wife engaging Ourselves to be Vested with
full Power to execute this deed And do hereby Awarrant
Uphold Maintain and define him the said Robert Looney his
Heirs Exors. admons. And Assigns in the Peaceable and [unmolested]
Possession of the hereinby granted and Sold Premises Against
the Right Claim Challenge or demand of all persons what or
whom soever Any thing herein before Contained to the Contrary
Notwithstanding -            And for the true and faithfull
performance of all and Singular the Premises aforesaid
I the said Daniel Looney and Isabella my wife Do hereby
bind and Oblige Ourselves Our Heirs Exors.  admons. and
Assigns in And Under the Penalty and forfeiture of Two
Hundred and four Pounds british to be Levied and Paid
According to Law and practice within this Isle - As
Witness Our Several Subscriptions or marks This the
twenty Sixth day of December in the year One Thousand
Eight Hundred and twenty One   26th decr. 1821

Signed and Delivered }          Daniel Looney my X mark
           in presence of }           Isabella Looney my X mark
           John Quilliam }
           Wm. Quayle                At Ramsey the 13th of April 1822
                                              John Quilliam and William Quayle the
                                            subscribing witnesses to the beforegoing Deed of 
                                             Sale made Oath on the Holy Evangelists 
                                             that Daniel Looney and Isabella Looney his
                                            wife the Executing Parties thereto Severally
                                            Executed the same in their presence
                                                                        Before me

                                                                                Thomas A. Corlett

                                                                     At a court Baron holden
                                                                     at Ramsey the 22nd day of Octr.
                                                                     1823 - 
                                            The execution of the foregoing Deed of Sale
                                            having been proved before a High Bailiff
                                            and more openly published in court and no
                                            objection offered against it the same is therefore
                                            ordered to be Recorded

                                                                                   [J Quirk]    

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