North Side Sale, 1813 #29 Maughold - Misses Macartney to John Looney junr

Know all men by these presents that I Ann Macartney
of Magher e Kew in the parish of KK Maughold by and with
the Joint Consent of Eliza and Anna Macartney of the
Town of Ramsey.    For and in Consideration of the Just and
full Sum of Forty five Pounds According to the Currency
of Great Brittain to us paid and satisfied by John
Looney Junr. of this aforesaid parish, Have Given Granted
Confirmed and Sold, and by these presents Do give grant 
bargain and for ever absolutely Sell unto him the said
John Looney all Our right title and Interest that we now
Have, or at any time here after may or can have, of and unto
Certain Parcells of the Estate of Magher e Kew aforesaid
(That is to say) the Houses and Gardens, he at present
[Occupies] with a small field adjoining the same called Cronk
[Boar Moar] that part of the Curragh in waste lands being
between, the said field and the main Highway extending
from the south hedge of the said field upon a Stright 
line to a Certain mark set upon the hedge of the said
High way and adjoining the said high way to Cottimans
land on the West, and North, and to the Lands of Magher e
Kew on all other sides, and another parcell Called Croit
- Kermeen adjoining the Mountain road on the North
and Cottimans Rent in the North East - end and adjoining
the Main road on the East to a Certain Mark Sett in
the hedge adjoining the main High way in the East
and from the said mark be seen upon a Direct
line to another mark Sett in the north Hedge of
the Curragh moar including and taking in a small
Corner of said Curragh adjoining the lands of said
Cottiman's From us the said Ann Macartney Eliza
and Anna Macartney our Heirs Exors. Admons. and assigns
To Have and to hold unto him the said John Looney his
Heirs Exors. Admons. and assigns for ever Commencing from
the date hereof and every individual part and member of
the same With all ways Waters, Water Courses Easements
liberties, rights, members and Appurtenances belonging
and Appurtaining to the said Sold Premises, he the
said John Looney yeilding and paying the Lords rent
and all other Boons Suits and Services annually
incumbent and Charge  ^  on the same And we the
said Sellers do hereby engage Ourselves Our Heirs 
Exors. Admons. and Assigns to put keep and defend
him the said Purchaser in the Possession of the
said Sold Premises against the Claim Challenge
or pretended right of all and every person or persons
Whomsoever and to do and perform any other matter
or thing for his sure holding of the same
Any thing herein before Contained to the Contrary
Notwithstanding        And for the performance of all
and Singular We the said Ann Macartney  Eliza
Macartney and Anna Macartney    Do hereby
bind and Oblige Ourselves Our Heirs Exors. Admons.
and assigns in and Under the Penalty of Ninety
Pounds British to be Levied and paid according
To Law _   As Witness Our Subscriptions This
17  Day of April 1812 _
                                                Ann Macartney
Signed and Delivered  }          
            in presence of  }          Eliza Macartney
          John Quilliam              
       John Tear my x mark         Anna Macartney  -
            Wm. Corlett 
                                                 2nd May 1812

                                           John Quilliam one of the
                                  Subscribing witnesses to the
                                  before written Deed of Sale -
                                  made Oath That Ann Macartney
                                  duly signed and Executed the
                                  same in presence of the Des…..
                                  And of John Tear Another Witness
                                  And Eliza Macartney and Anna
                                  Macartney Acknowledged the 
                                  said Deed of Sale to be their proper
                                  Act and Deed
                                                          Before me
                                                                      Tho. Gawne

We the Setting Quest of the parish of Maughold Do settle on the
Premises Mentioned in the Before written Deed of Sale the yearly
Quarterland Rent of Two pence and one penny half-penny Intack
Rent in  N. 41 of the Intacks and this we give as our Return
As Witness our Subscriptions this 3rd day of October 1812
                                                        Thos. Fargher
                                                        Wm. Christian
                                                        John Stowell
                                                        Daniel Lowey

                            At a Court baron holden
                            at Ramsey for Ayre Sheading
                            & Maughold & Lezayre Abbey
                            Lands the 16 October   1813
                    The before written Deed being
                    proved before an High Bailiff
                    & now openly published in Court
                    & no objection offered against it
                    The same is ordered to be
                                          Tho. Gawne

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