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Old Deed #19 Lonan

James Skillicorn to Wm Kissage

Know all men by these presents that I James Skillicorn of
the prish of Kk Lonan diverse good causes and considerations
me hereunto moveing but more especially for and in con-
sideration of the just and [..?..] Sum of three pounds ten shil:
ings sterling to me in hand paid at the writting of these presents
from the hands of Capt. Jon Oates of ye parish of Kk Conchan the receipt
whereof I doe acknowledge & every parte and parcell thereof
and do clearly quite and discharge the Sd Capt. Jon Oates, his
heirs and assignes for the Same by these presents have given
granted bargained and sould, and do hereby give grante bargain
and absolutely sell for ever, halfe of my tenement being
halfe a quarter of land of the yearly rent of thirteen
Shillings Known and commonly called by the name of Balla
Quarke Sittuated in the prish of Kk lonan aforesd with all
houses belonging to the sd halfe quarter with all ways easmts
watter courses, and all other appurtenances belonging or 
appertaineing to the sd halfe quarter with a parcell of 
Intake land of the yearly Lords rent of five pence adjoyn-
ing to the aforesd halfe quarter. Unto the sd Capt. Jon Oates
his heirs executors Adminors and assignes for ever (he the
sd Capt. Jon Oates yealding and paying yearly the aforesd rent
with all other suits dues and Services due out of the same, at
days and times ussely and acustomed) He the sd Jon Oates his
heirs executrs Administrs and assigns. to have and to hould posses
and enjoy the above premises without Stop lett or molesta
=tion of me the sd James Skillocorn my heirs executrs Adm
=mistrs or assignes or any person or persons in my or their 
behalfe the Rt Hon Lord of the Isle (?) only excepted
And further I the sd James Skillocorn do hereby bind my
selfe my heirs executors and assigns to procure and obta
=in the confirmation of the [..?..] officers of this
Isle to this deed of Saile, and to do all other things
for better awarantees of the premises to the sd Capt Jon
Oates according the laws and Customes of this Isle, And
for the true performance of all and Singular the premises
the sd James Skillicorn do hereby bind my selfe my heirs
executrs Administrs and assignes in the penalty or for-
fitture of ten pounds Sterling, halfe to Rt Honrble Lord
of this Isle and the other halfe to the partie greved, in
wittness whereof I have hereunto sett my marke to my 
name this 22th day of September 1705
James Skillocorn my mrk X

Wittnesses            24 Septr 1706
Jon Bridson his mrk X
James Kewleys mrk X    The above James Skillicorn
Ja: Clague            hath acknowledged this Bill
of Sayle to be his voluntary
Act and deed before me
Jon Parr

At a Court holden in Castle Rushin ye
21st Novr 1706
Publication of ye above bill of Saile being
made in open Court & no objections then
made by any party or pson wtsoever
therefore ye Same is alld & confirmd
according to Law
Robt Mawdslley
Jon Parr    Chris Parker
J Rowe
Will: Ress
Wm Sedden

Know all men by these presents that I James Skillicorn
of the pish of Kk Lonnan for and in Consideration
of the sume of thirty shillings lawfull moneys of
England to me now in hand paid by Will. Kissagg of he
foresid pish: Have sould all my right of an Intack
scituated in Laxey of ye yearly rent two pence to ye Lord
of the [isyle?] To have hould [..?..] and quietly enjoy (?) all
the said Intack wth all wayes and easmts thereunto be=
longing, to him the said Will kissagg his Executors
and assignes and every of them from the Day of the Date
hearof, And for ye better assurace of all and singular
the premises above mentioned I the sd James Skillicorn
doe bind my selfe my heyres Executors and assignes in the
penall sum of [..?..] the one halfe to the right honorab-
Lord of ye Isyle and ye other halfe to the partie grieved
[..?..] I ye said James Doe hearby [..?..] [..?..] and
undertake to warrant and defend ye foresd Will: Kissagg his
Executors administrators and assignes against all psons the 
honorabl Lord of this Isle only excepted as also wthdraw my
name out of ye Lords bokes and to enter ye said Will: as
annual for ye premises before (?) ye next Sheadinge Court hou=
lden at Douglas as also to secure ye [..?..] [..?..] [..?..] Confirmation to
this my bill of Sayle from ye [..?..] performance of all and every ye above mentioned premises I the foresd James bind my
selfe my heyres excutors adminsstrators & assignes, by virtue of my hand
and seal this 8th of Novembr 68

Witnesses        James Skillicorn his mark
Will: Quay            and seale
Arthur Cesar        Elin: Skillicorne als Loonie
Donnold Kneale        her mark X

30 Febr 1668
The said James Skillicorne Came this day into ye Co &
acknowledged the above bill of Sayle to be his act, and
deed, and craved our allowance & Confirmacon
thereof wch is Granted acording to ye state tp
[..?..] in that behalf
Rich Stevenson

Tho: [..?..]
Hugh Cannell
Willm Qualtrough


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