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South Side Sale, October 1786 #85 Lonan

Thomas Kelly and Isable Clague

Articles of marriage made and concluded upon by & between Margt
Kelly als Skillicorn [widow] of Laxey in the Parish of Kk Lonnon for and
in behalf of her son Thoms Kelly of the afforesd Parish on the one part
and Margaret Clague als Corlet of the Parish of Ballaugh in behalf of her
Daughter Isabel Clague on the other part are as follows ~
First     It is agreed upon that the sd young Couple vizt Thomas Kelly & Isabel
Clague shall Enter into the Holy Estate of matrimony within one Calendar
month Ensuing the Date hereof God & Holy Church permitting the same
Secondly    It is agreed upon that the sd Margt Kelly als Skillicorn doth hereby
confirm & settle upon her said son Thomas Kelly one half of all her cottage
& Intacks in the sd Parish of Kk Lonnan with half the Houses there on Erected
in personal possession, and the other half of the sd premises & Concerns
at the time of her Decease wch premises & concerns conferred upon
her said son Thos Kelly are to stand & remain in the nature of Inheritance
on him and Heirs of his Body.
Thirdly    It is agreed Upon that the sd Margt Kelly als Skillicorn does further
give unto her said son Thomas Kelly in present possession the anvil
and Bellows now in the smithy to  be his own without any
claim to either ~
Fourthly    It is agreed upon by & between the sd parties that the sd Margaret
Clague als Corlet does engage & hereby bind herself to Give & 
pay unto her said Daughter Isabel Clague a portion or marriage
Dowry the sum of Twenty Six Pounds manx Currency and
in consideration of wch her said Daughter is to be Excluded and
Debarred of the Legacy and all the Goods Due unto her by her
father's will.
Fifthly    That the sd Margt Clague als Corlet doth promise to Give her said 
Daughter Isabel Five coverlaids & Two Blankets immediately
after her marriage and the same to be her own forever.
Lastly for the True and faithful performance of wch the parties
concerned have mutually bound themselves their Heirs Execrs
admrs& assigns in and under the penalty & forforture of Eighty
Pounds sterling to be devised & paid according to Law and
practice within this Isle. as Witness their Subscription 
this 14th Febry 1775.
Signed and Delivered                    Margt Clague her mark X
in presence of                        Margt Kelly her mark X
Danl Kewley my X                             Thos Kelly
Jas Scarffe                        Isabel Clague her mark X

29th April 1776

Daniel Kewley and James Scarffe made
oath upon the Holy Evangelists that
that Margt Clague and Margt Kelly
duly executed the before written
Articles of marriage as their
proper act and Deed in the
Deponents presence before me
Tho. Moore

At a court Baron holden at Douglas for the parishes of Maughold Lonnan & Conchan the 31st day of October 1786

The before written Articles of Marriage being proved
before the Deemster and now openly published in court
and no objection offered against them, the same is
therefore allowed of, for & in the name & behalf of His
Grace the most noble John Duke of Atholl Earl Strange
Lord of Mann & the Isles &c and confirmed by this court.
P. J. Heywood


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