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South Side Sale, Oct 1772 #57 Lonan

James Skillicorn to Ann Kerruish

Know all Men by these Presents that I Jas Skillicorn
of Croft balgare in the parrish of Kk Lonnan, with the joint consent of
Ann ^Skillicorn als Fargher^ my wife, Diverse Good Causes & Reasons us thereunto moveing
but chiefly and more especially for & in Consideration of the full, Sum
of Elleven pounds Currency of this Isle, to be fully paid usto us at the attestation
hereof by Ann Kerruish of the foresd parish Have Given, Granted
Alienated passed over and sold and by these presents Do Give, Grant,
alienate, pass over and for Ever absolutely sell, from us our heirs Execrs
admors and assigns all the Right tytle, interest and property that
we now have, or here after may or can have, in and unto A Certain parcell 
of intack Scituated in the aforesaid parish bearing the annual Lords
rent of two shillings & three pence, halfpenny or there abouts Called and Known
by the Name of Cronk mooare; adjoyning Phillip Cowins rent on the East
Wm Kewleys rent on the south phinloe Clague's rent on the west, & Robt
Kinretts Land on the North unto her the said Ann Kerruish to Have, and
to hold the premes her Heirs Exers adminrs and assigns Commencing from all hollentide
past  [cross out] to be in the full, and peaceable, possession of her the
Sd Ann Kerruish for Ever with all ways and waters thereof accering and
all profits and advantages and other the appurtenances there unto the
premes belonging or in any wise appertaining She the sd Ann Kerruish
yielding and paying the honorable Lord's rent thereof together with all
boons suits and services annually incumbent on the premises at the
times & seasons accustomed  we, the Sd Jas Skillicorn & Ann Skillicorn,
my wife, do oblidge our selves heirs and assigns to defend awarrant & 
uphold the premises unto the sd Ann Keruish and assigns against the
pretended Claims,  or tytle, of any person or persons unto the same, and
for the above, and faithfull, performance of all and singular the before
Going bill of Sale, and Every Clause or sentence herein Contained
I the sd Jas Skillicorn & Ann Skillicorn, my wife, do firmly find our
selves our heirs Exers adminrs and assigns unto the sd Ann Kerruish
her heirs Exers adminrs & assigns in & under the penalty and forfeiture
of thirty pounds sterling to be Levyed and paid according the the Law &
Constitution of this Isle, Wittness our Subscriptions this 8th of June 1772

Signed and Delivered                Jas Skillicorn my mrk X
In presentce of us                Anna Skillicorn als fargher her mrk X
Phillip Quayle my X
John Quayle

                    June 13th 1772
            James Skillicorn and Anne his wife acknowledged
s            the before written Bill of Sale to be their proper
            Act and Deed & to have received the Consideration
            therein mentioned
                    [..?..] Heywood

At a Baron or Sheading Court holden at Douglass for Garff
Sheading the 8th Day of October 1772

The before written Bill of Sale being acknowledged before the Deemster,
and now openly published in Court and no objection offered agt it
the same therefore is allowed of & for and in the Name & Behalf of the
most Noble John Duke of Atholl and Charlotte Duchess of
Atholl Lord and Lady of Mann & the Isles & confirmed by this
                Dan Mylrea


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