[courtesy Sally Ann Kinley]

South Side Sale, October 1761 #31 Lonan

Christopher Kinley to William Kinley

Know all Men by these presents That whereas
I Christopher Kinley made a Will Some years
ago whereby I nominated and appointed my Son
Thomas Kinley Executor But as I am old and
feable and my Sole dependance relying now
upon my Son William and his wife [obscured by fold]
[obscured by fold] such as they can afford
I doe hereby by this agreement oblige myself
my Heirs & Execr to pay unto then During
the Time I have been with them the Sum of
Three pounds Ten shillings manks Money, and
for the Time to come the Sum of Three pounds
Ten Shillings During my Natural life with
them my Said Son William and Jane his wife
to be paid yearly and every year all Such
Sum or Sums of Money mentioned out of the
Mortgage money to be paid out of the Mortgage
Money in John Callister Lands whenever
redeem’d by the Said Callister or His Exectrs
without hand or Collusion And moreover
I leave unto them the Sum of five pounds
Legacy together with the Severals Sums above-
=Mentioned;  They the Said my Son William &
Jane his Wife are hereby Obliged to provide
for me Sufficient meat washing and Lodging
During my Life And for the True and
faithfull performance of this above agreemt
all parties Concern’d have bound themselves
their Heirs Exectrs & assigns in penalty of
Twenty pounds to be Levied according to ^law ?^ and
Wittness their Names and Marks this 9th of
May 1757
Wittnesses              Christopher Kinley’s  X
   Nathl Curphey        Wm Kinley’s  X
   Pat Killip  X        Jane Kinley’s  X

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23d May 1757
Wm Kinley acknowledged the within Deed of – 
Agreement to be his Voluntary Act & Deed – and
the Subscribing witnesses Mr Nath Curphey and
Pat:Killip made Oath that the same was Duly
Executed in their presence by Christr Kinley & 
Jane Kinley – this Before me.
                Jon Taubman

        At a Sheading Court holden at Douglas
        the 19th Octr 1761
The beforegoing Agreement being Acknowledged & proved to before the – 
Deemster & now openly published in Court [strikeouts]
[strikeout] & no objection offered agt it; The same is therefore allowed of and – 
confirmed according to Law.    John Parr
                               Dan Mylrea
            Jon Taubman        John Quayle
            Dan Lace           John Frissell


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