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North Side Sale, May 1841 #55 Lonan

Catherine Skillicorn to John Lace

Whereas the personal estate of Joseph Skillicorn
late of Ramsey baker deceased having proved greatly
deficient to pay the claims proved against it -
Catherine Skillicorn widow of the said Joseph
Skillicorn and administratrix of his estate presented
her petition to his Excellency John Ready Lieutenant
Governor and Chancellor praying to be authorized
to sell certain houses in the town of Ramsey and
village of Laxey that were the property of the said
Joseph Skillicorn and subject to the payment of his
debts and at a court holden at Castle Rushen
the third day of May in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight
the said Catherine Skillicorn obtained a decree-
authorizing her to make sale of the said houses
and premises and after due notice given the
said Catherine Skillicorn on the twenty ninth day of
June in the year aforesaid put up for sale by public
auction the dwelling house and premises in the-
village of Laxey in the said petition and decree
mentioned when after various bids the same was
knocked off to John Lace of the parish of Jurby -
yeoman as the highest and last bidder at the price
or sum of nine nine pounds Sterling and who 
was then declared the purchaser thereof
    Therefore Know all men by these
presents that the said Catherine Skillicorn by
virtue of the authority vested in her by the said
decree of the third day of May aforesaid in -
consideration of the said sum of ninety nine pounds
Sterling or the balance thereof taken in hand paid by
the said John Lace after deducting from the said
amount the principal Interest costs and charges
of a mortgage affecting the said property granted 
to [nothing written here]
Hath Given Granted Bargained and sold and by
these presents doth Give Grant Bargain and forever
absolutely sell unto the said John Lace his Heirs
and Assigns All and Singular that capital -
dwelling house with the backyard and buildings
thereto belonging situate near the bridge and
opposite to Milburn's public house in the sd village
of Laxey and bounded on the South east by the public
highway on the north east by the road leading
to the little mill on the southwest and on the north
west by the rent of James Quayle and of such annual
lords rent as the Setting Quest of the parish may
apportion thereon To Have and To Hold unto
the said John Lace and his Heirs and assigns
from the said Catherine Skillicorn and her Heirs
and the Heirs of the sd Joseph Skillcorn forever
together with all ways waters watercourses -
easements liberties right privileges and appurtenances
to the sd bargained and Sold premises -
belonging or in anywise appertaining the sd John
Lace his Heirs and assigns yielding paying and
performing all boons suits and services payable
in respect of the sd Sold premises annually or
otherwise together with the lords rent payable -
thereat. In Witness whereof the said Catherine
Skillicorn hath hereunto subscribed her name
this twelfth day of July in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and
thirty eight -
Signed and delivered        Cathrine Skilicorn
in presence of
Jane Radcliffe
J. D. LaMothe

Received from John Lace the sum of seventy seven
pounds twelve shillings British balce (balance ?) of the consideration
money of the foregoing Sale after deducting the sum of 
Twenty one pounds eight shillings being the principal
Int Costs and charges of the mortgage affecting the premises
this 25th Septr 1838
Witnessed by            Cathrine Skillicorn
J. D. LaMothe
        At Ramsey 6th October 1838
Catharine Skillicorn the executing party to the foregoing
Deed of Sale and Receipt at foot thereof acknowledged
such Sale and Receipt to be her proper Act and
deed        Before me
        Frank [..?..]


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