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North Side Sale, May 1835 #48 Lonan

John Skillicorn (late of Skinscoe) to John Skillicorn Senr of Sulby

Know all men by these Presents that I John 
Skillicorn late of Skinscoe of the Parish of KK Lonan
for and in Consideration of the Sum of Ten pounds British
to me in Hand paid at the attestation of these Presents
from the Hands of John Skillicorn Senr of Sulby in the Parish
of Kirk Onchan Have Given Granted Bargained and
Sold and by these Presents Do Give Grant Bargain
and forever absolutely sell unto him the said John
Skillicorn Senr - all and singular my whole Right
Title and Interest to a Certain Garden-being Abbey
Land Cottage Ground No 1 - bearing six pence Lords
Rent, per annum - Situate in the Parish of Kirk Lonan
near Laxey Bridge, bounded by Mr. Thomas Looney
Ballamorres Cottage Ground - on the East north and South
and the old Road leading to Ramsey to Douglas on the
West -To Have and To Hold unto him the said
John Skillicorn Senr His Heirs Executors Admors &
assigns from me the said John Skillicorn late
of Skinscoe My Heirs Executors Admors & assigns
all and Singular the said Hereby granted and
Sold Premises as already Set forth with all Ways
Waters Water Courses Easements liberties and Priviliges
to the Same belonging or in any wise appertaining
and to Possess the Same on the attestation of this Deed
of Sale - He the said John Skillicorn Senr of Sulby
yielding and paying the chief Rent - with all the Customs
Suits and services yearly Incumbent on the said Premises
when they become due - And for the True and
faithful performance of the same I the said John
Skillicorn late of Skinscoe, Do hereby bind and
oblige myself my Heirs Executors admors & assigns
in and under the Penalty of Twenty pounds British to
be levied and Paid according to Law as witness
my name this 9th day of August one thousand Eight
hundred and thirty two -- 1832 -- John Skillecorn

Witness Present
Wm Bell
John Kewley

        Douglas 9 August 1832
John Skillicorn late of Skinscoe the Executing Party to these
Presents Acknowledged the above written Instrument to be his
proper Act and Deed
            Before me
            J. Quirk

At a Court Baron holden 
at Douglas the 25th April 

The foregoing Deed having been 
acknowledged before a High Bailiff
and now openly published in
Court and no objections offered
against it, the same is
therefore Ordered to be Recorded
        J. Quirk 


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