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North Side Sale, May 1833 #35 Lonan

James Skillicorn to Thomas Skillicorn

Know all men by these presents that
I James Skillicorn of Laxey in the parish
of Kk Lonan with the joint consent of
Eleanor Skillicorn alias Lewney my wife
divers good causes and reasons us here unto 
moving but chiefly and more especially for
the good will and affection we have and do bear to our
Loving and dutiful son Thomas Skillicorn
of the aforesaid place and parish together
with the sum of sixteen pounds British
to us in hand paid and satisfied at by
and from the hands of Thomas Skillicorn
aforesaid the receipt whereof is acknowledged
Have therefore given granted Bargained
passed over and setled and by these
presents do give grant Bargain pass over
and forever absolutely Settle, from us our 
Heirs Exrs Admrs and Assigns unto him
said Thomas Skillicorn his Heirs Exrs
Admrs and Assigns all and singular
our right title interest and property we 
have may or can have to certain parcels of 
Lands situate in Laxey aforesaid together
with the Houses and gardens and offices
on the same (reserving to our own proper
use and advantage that House called and
known by the name of Thie-Nick together
with the yard adjoining being part of the
aforesaid premises) bounded on the south
East by the rent of John Kinley and on 
the publick Street Leading to the Beach 
on the South West and bounded on 
the North west by the publick
road Leading to the Harbour and the
rent of sd William Cowin and on the
North East by the rent of the said
William Cowin and by the Commons
the same being Cottage and subject
to two shilling or thereabouts Chief
Rent To have and to hold unto
him the said Thomas Skillicorn his Heirs
Exrs Admrs and Assigns all and singular
the before mentioned garanted and Setled
premises with all ways waters water courses
Easements rights members and appurtenances
us to the same belonging or in any
wise appertaining commencing possession
from the Date hereof we the said
James Skillicorn and Eleanor Skillicorn
reserving to our own proper use the rent
and Income of the same during the 
natural Life of us the Longest Liver
He the Thomas Skillicorn his Heirs
and Assigns yielding and paying all dues
and duties annually Incumbent on the
same annually according to Law
And we the said James Skillicorn and
Eleanor Skillicorn do bind ourselves our Heirs
and assigns that we have good right and
full power to Dispose of the same and shall
and will uphold awarrant mentain and defend
the same against the claim chalenge Debt
Incumbrance or Demand of all person or 
persons soever For the true and faithful 
performance hereof we the said James Skillicorn 
and Eleanor Skillicorn do bind and oblige ourselves
our Heirs Exrs Admors and Assigns in and under
the penalty and forfeiture of Thirty two
pounds British to be Levied and paid 
according to Law as witness our names hereunto
subscribed this the 26th Day of April 1832

Signed and Delivered 		James Skillicorn his X mark
in presence of us		Eleanor Skillicorn her X mark
James Skillicorn		Thomas Skillicorn
Charles Skillicorn

		At Douglas 27 April 1833
James Skillicorn one of the Witnesses to the foregoing
Instrument made Oath on the Holy Evangelists that
James Skillicorn Eleanor Skillicorn and Thomas Skillicorn
the executing  parties thereto duly executed the
same in present of Depent and of Charles Skillicorn 
the other witness
			Before me
			J. Quirk


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