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South Side Sale, May 1795 #93 Lonan

James Skillicorn to Robt Kneale

Know all men by these Presents that I James
Skillicorn of Kk Santon with the Joint Consent of 
Debora Skillicorn alias Knail my wife diverse
Good Causes us hereunto moving but Chiefly & more
Especialy for and in Consideration of the Just and [fit ?]
Sum of Five pounds Manks Currency to us in hand
already paid and fully Satisfied the Receipt of pay
ment we do hereby acknowledge to Have Received
at and from the hands of Robert Knail of the par[ish]
of Kk Lonnan Have given granted passed over -
Bargained and Sold and by these presents do
Give grant Bargain & forever pass over and Sell
unto the said Robert Knail all our Right title a[nd]
property of a Certain Intack Called the Slieu Ouer (?)
in the parish of Kk Lonnan and adjoyning to the
Lands of Daniel Callister and John Kelley's Land on the
South west and west and to the Lands of said Ro[bert]
Knail and the Commons on the East and north
According as the Boundiary of the said Slieu oueur (?)
Runns to Have and to Hold unto Him the said Robert
Knail His Heirs Extrs adms and asigns for ever
Comencing from the date Hereof with all [fold of paper]
Waters Watercourses Easements Liberties appendanc[es]
and appurtenances unto Our aforesaid Right -
title and property of the said Sliue Oueur belong[ing]
or in anywise appertaining He the said Robrt
Knail and his asigns paying the Lords Rent thereof
According as the Setting quest will Settle thereon
and doing and performing all Suits and Services
Incumbents out of the aforesaid premises and
the said James Skillicorn and Debora my wife Do
hereby Bind and oblige ourselves our heirs Extrs
Admrs and asigns to uphold defend and keep our
aforesaid Right and part of the aforesaid premises
in the Quiet and peaceable possesssion of the said
Robt Knail and his asigns and also to procure
these presents to be attested and Confirmed according
to Law and for the true and puncutal performace
Hereof I the said James Skillicorn and Debora my
wife do bind our selves our Heirs Extrs admrs
and asigns in and under the penualty and forfeiture
of Twenty pounds to be levied and paid according
to Law as Witness our Subscriptions this 4th day
of April 1774 -     James Skillicorn my X Mke
Witness Present    Debora Skillicorn my X Mke
Thos Corlett his X Mke
Wm Garrett

        11th April 1774
        James Skillicorn acknowledged this
        Deed of Sale to be his proper act
        and Deed and to be paid the
        Consideration money therein
        mentioned. Before me
            Tho: Moore

26th April 1774
Debora Skillicorn acknowledged the beforegoing
Deed of Sale to be her Voluntary act & Deed
        Before me
        Tho: Moore

26. april 1774
The Coroner of Garff Sheadng or whom this may
concern is to Summon & Swear the Setting quest
of Kk Lonnan to settle Rent on the Granted
        Tho: Moore

At a Court Baron holden at Douglas for Garff Sheadng the 26 Day of May 1795

The before written deed of Sale being acknowledged before the
then Deemster and now openly published in Court and no
objection offered against it The same is therefore allowed of
and ordered to be recorded for the benefit of all persons
        John Sael (?)


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