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South Side Sale, May 1776 #47 Lonan

Henry Skillicorn to John Kneale

Know all men by these present that I Henry Skillicorn
of the Ballarraght in the parish of Kk Lonnan with the full
Consent and assent of Margt Skillicorn als Farraghey my wife Divers
Good Causes and reasons us hereunto moving But Chiefly and more
Especially for and in Consideration of the Just and full Sum of Sixty
Eight pounds of good and Lawfull Money according to the Currency
of this Isle by and from the hands of my Brother-in-law John Kneal 
of the parish of Kk Maughold to be aid or Secured to be paid at or
before the twentyfifth of March next Ensueing the date hereof Have
therefore Given Granted alienated passed over and Sold and by these
presents Do Give Grand Alienate pass over and forever abslutely
Sell unto him the Sd John Kneale the one half of right tityle
and proerty that I now have or hereafter Shall have in and unto
My Estate or part of the Ballarraght afforesid Both Quarterland and
Intacks the premisses with one half of the Gardens and haggards
and Three Houses being my father present Dwelling house and barn, 
and Cowhouse adjoyning Sd barn and Killn reserved undivided to 
the use of Both parties, the premisses being Intack Land and Abbey
Land the sd Intacking being a penny half penny Lords rent and the Sd Abbey
Lnd of such Abbey rent and Customes as the Setting Quest of Skinscoe
Shall adjust thereon from us our Heirs Execrs admrs and assigns ~
To Have and To Hold unto him the Sd John Kneale his Heirs Execrs
Adminrs and assigns with all ways waters and watercourses Easements
Liberties profits and advantages to the Same belonging or in anywise
appertaining ^Commencing from Michaelmas next Ensueing^ He the Sd John Kneale Yielding and paying Yearly and
every year the foresaid Lords rent and Such abbey rent and Customes
as Shall be proportioned on the premisses by the Setting Quest of
Skinscoe with all other De Duties Suits and Services as annually in-
cumbent on the premisses and I the afforesaid Henry Skillicorn and
Margt my wife Do hereby Covenant and agree with the Sd John
Kneale to awarrant and defend the premisses afforesaid against the
Suit Claim or pretention of any person or persons whatsoever and
to Do and perform any other act or acts thing or things that may
be necessary for him the Sd John Kneale and his Heirs better
Security and Sure holding of the premisses afforesaid and To the true 
and faithfull performace of all and Singular the beforementioned
Bill of Sale and every Clause and Covemant therein Colntained I the said
Henry Skillicorn and Margt Skillicorn als Farraghey my wife Do hereby
firmly bind and oblige ourselves our Heirs Execrs admrs and assigns in
and under the penalty and Forfeiture of one Hndred and Forty pounds
Sterling to be Levied and paid according to Law and practice within
this Isle as Witness our names and marks this 2d of Feby 1775

Signed and Delivered                Henry Skillicorn my mrk X
    in presence of                Margt Skillicorn als Farraghey my X
    John Wattleworth my X
    Robt Corteen

            20th March 1775
        Henry Skillciorn and Margt Skillicorn
        acknowledged this deed of Sale to
        be their proper act and deed
        Before me
                Tho: Moore

I command you that you Summon and Swear the setting Quest of Skinsco & 
the Setting Quest of Kk Lonnan to Settle & proportion a chief Rent of
the Granted Premisses, you are also to summon all proper parties to
appear before the said Setting Quests who are to verdict in the premisses
given this 20th day March 1775 and in the 15th year of his
majesty's Reign
                Tho: Moore
To the Coroner of Garff Sheadg
and whom this may concern

May 25th 1775  I the aforesd Henry Skillicorn is hereby acknowledged
to be fully paid and satisfied by the aforesd John Kneale the
purchaser  The sum of Sixty Eight pounds being the Consideration
or purchas money mentioned in the within and beforegoing Deed
of Sale as witness my name and mark the day and year
above written
                        Henry Skillicorn his mrk X
Wittnesses present
John Kneal his mrk X
John Kneale

6th May 1776
The said Henry Skillicorn acknowledged that
the Consideration money mentioned in the beforegoing
Deed of Sale is fully paid and Satisfied
        Before me
                Tho: Moore

At a Baron or Sheading Court holden, at
Douglas for Garff Sheading the 24th May

The before written deed of Sale being acknowledged before
the deemster & now openly published in Court & no Objection
offered against it, The same is therefore allowed of for &
in the Name & Behalf of the most Noble John Dke of Atholl
Lord or the Mannor of Mann &C and confirmed by this 
                John Quayle
                William Callow

At a Baron or Abbey Court holden at the house of Michl
Dowd in Castletown the 31st May 1776

The before written Deed of Sale being acknowledged before the deemster
and now openly published in Court and no objection against it the
sameis therefore allowed of and confirmed according to Law
                John Quayle
                William Callow


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