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South Side Sale, May 1768 #44 Lonan

Henry Skillicorn to Wm Kelly

Know all men by these Presents that I Henry Skillicorn of Balarragh in the
Parish of Kk Lonnan with the joint Consent & assent of Margt Skillicorn als
Fargher my wife divers Good causes and Reasons us hereunto moving but chiefly
and more Especially for an in consideration fo the just and Entire Sum of forty
Pounds of God's and Lawful money according to the Currency of this Isle; nine pounds
whereof to be paid or Secured to be paid unto us before or upon the first Day of June
next Ensueing the Date hereof by William Kelly of the afforesd Parish and the
other Thirty one Pounds to remain in the sd Wm Kelly's hands to Discharge
the mortgage or mortgages on the Purchased Lands hereafter Granted, and what
part, so ever of the said sum remains afgter the sd mortgage or mortgages are
Discharged (with the charges thereof) the same is to be paid unto us by
the sd Wm Kelly upon his Possession of the Premes, Have Given Granted
alienated, passed over, Bargained & sold, And by these Presents do Give, Grant
alienate, pass over, Barain and for Ever absolutely Sells unto him the sd
Wm Kelly his heirs Execrs admrs & assigns, All and singular our Right
Title, Interest and property we now have or hereafter may or can have, of 
in and unto our Part or proportion of the Quarterland of sd Balarragh wch
we now hold and have in present Possession and as the same is already
marked out and Divided, with the Buildings, [..?..] & houses thereon Erected
being abbey Land & of such annual rent & Customes as the Setting Quest
shall adjust thereon Together with all our present Right of the Intack wch
bears Lords rent, from us the sd Henry Skillicorn and Margt my wife and
our Respective heirs, Execrs, admrs & assigns. To have and to hold
unto him the sd Wm Kelly his Heirs Execrs admrs & assigns the Premisses
before mentioned and Every Individual part, parcel and member of the
same with the whole profits and Issues thereof, Together with all Easments,
Liberties, immunities, profits and advantages, And all ways, water
and water courses and other the appurtenances unto the Premeses belonging
or in any wise appertaining for Ever as afforesd. He the sd Wm Kelly
his heirs Execrs admrs & assigns yielding & paying yearly and Every year
such rents & customes as shall be settled thereon, and Doing and performing
all other Dues and Duties annually Incumbent up;on the same at
the Times and Seasons accustomed, Provided Nevertheless and it it hereby
agreed upon that I the sd Henry Skillicorn & Margt my wife are to hold
the Premes for and During the space fo Two years Ensuing the Date hereof
[cross out] upon the Expiration of wch the sd Wm Kelly is to Enter up;on and
be fully Possessed thereof without the lest stop or hindrance of us or
Either of us for Ever, I the sd Henry Skillicorn & Margt my wife do hereby
oblige our selves to rocure the worshipl Deemsters attestation with
the Honble Courts Confirmation to these Presents, as also to Defend, maintain
uphold & awarrant him the sd Wm Kelly his heirs Execrs admrs & assigns
in the Peaceable Possession of all & singular our Right, Title Interest
and property to the before Bargained & sold premisses against the
Pretended right, Title, Claim or Demand of any person or persons whatsoever
And further to do, perform & Effectually, perfect Execute and finish any
other act or Deed wch may at any Time hereafter appear to be further
necessary or requisite for his the sd Wm Kelly and his heirs Execrs admrs
& assigns better Security and Sure holding of the Premisses for Ever as aforesd
And for the True and faithful Performace of all & singular the Beforegoing
Bill of Sale and Every Clause and sentence therein Contained, I the
sd Henry Skillicorn & Margt my wife, do hereby firmly bind & oblige
our Selves and Each of us and Every of our heirs Execrs admrs & assigns
inand under the Penalty & forfeiture of Eighty Pounds Sterling
to be Levyed & paid according to Law & practice within this Isle
In witnesswhereof we have Caused our Names and marks tbe
hereunto set and Subscrib ed this 29th Day of September In the
sixth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the Third by the
Grace of God of Great Brittain France & Ireland King Defender
of the Faith &c Ano Dni 1766.

Signed and Duly Executed by Henry            Henry Skillicorn my  X
Skillicorn & Margt Skillicorn als Fargher        Margt Skillicorn als Fargher my  X
in the presence of
    Thos Looney my Mark X
    Thos Fargher my Mark X
    Thomas Kelly                    March 26th 1767
                    Henry Skillicorn & Margt his wife
                    acknowledged the before within
                    Deed of Sale to be their proper
                    & voluntary Act
                                Before me
    March 26, 1767                    [..?..] Heywood
The Setting Quest are hereby
ordered to Settle Rent on the
premisses above ment'd
    [..?..] Heywood


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