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South Side Sale, May 1763 #53 Lonan

Marriage Contract - Henry Skillicorn and Margaret Fargher

Articles of marriage Concluded & agreed upon by & betwixt John 
Skillicorn of Kk Lonnan with the consent of Kathrine his wife
in behalf of their Eldest son Henry Skillicorn on the one part
and Thos Fargher of sd parish with the joynt consent of Margt
his wife in behalf of their Daughter Margaret Fargher on
the other part as followeth ~

1st It is agreed upon that the above sd young Couple viz: Henry
Skillicorn & Margt Fargher shall Enter into the Holy Estate
of matrimony within one month Ensuing the Date hereof
God & Holy Church permitting the Same

2dly It is agreed that the above sd John Skillicorn & wife doe settle
upon their sd son Henry all the sd Rights of half their Estate Called Ball
:aragh and Intacks there unto belonging scituated in sd
parish Together with half of the Cropp of corn & hay and a
Quarter of the Team & half of the husbandry gears, he 
the sd Henry Skillicorn to have Immediate possession
of the premisses after marriage, and the Other half
of them after the decease of the Longer Liver of Either 
the sd John Skillicorn of Kathrine his wife

3dly It is agreed upon that the sd John Skillicorn & wife do settle
upon their sd son Henry half of a Cupboard an oak chest a Chair
Table & a form together with half of their household goods
in present possession after marriage and the other half of sd
Effects & household good Immediately after the Decease
of the Longer Liver of Either the sd John Skillicorn or 
Kathrine his wife

4thly That the sd Thos Fargher do give unto the sd Henry
Skillicorn with his sd Daughter Margt Twelve pounds
manks to be punctually paid by the sd Thos Fargher & wife
unto their sd Daughter Margt & Henry Skillicorn within 
Twelve months after Date in the nature of portion or
Dowry within this Isle

5thly It is agreed that the sd John Skillicorn & wife shall have
half of their sd Estate and Intacks During their natural
Life as it is more at Large set forth & Expressed in a
Settlement now Extant on Record passed over by sd John
Skillicorn & wife unto their sd son Henry
lastly for True performance of all & singular the beforegoing
Settlement of marriage and All Things therein Contained
all parties Concerned do mutually bind the one unto
the other their heirs Execrs adminrs & assigns in and
under the penalty & forfeiture of Thirty pounds Sterling
to be Levyed according to Law witness their names
and marks this 14th December 1760

Signed and Delivered            John Skillicorn his X
in presence of                Henry Skillicorn his X
Thos Skillicorn            Thos Fargher his X
Philip Quayle his X            Margt Fargher als Quark her X
John Fargher his X            Margt Fargher her X
Jams Scarffe

16th October 1762
Philip Quayle and John Fargher Two
of the Subscribing witnesses made oath
that all the Subscribing parties duly
executed the Beforegoing articles of marriage
in their presence, as their proper act and
deed ~ before me
John Taubman

At an Abbey Court holden near Castletown the 14th
May 1763

The beforegoing Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before the
Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered agt
them are therefore allowed of and Confirmed according to Law
John Wood
Dan Lace
John Taubman
Dan Mylrea
John Quayle


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