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South Side Sale,May 1762 #40 Lonan

Henry Skillicorn to Thos Fargher

Be it Known unto all men by these Presents that I Henry Skillicorn
of the parish of Kk Lonan with the joynt consent of Margarett Skillicorn
als fargher my wife and also the consent & assent of my father
John Skillicorn & his wife Kathrine, Divers good causes
and reasons me hereunto moving but chiefly & more especially
for & in consideration of the full & just sum of one hundred
pounds mank Currency of this Isle fifty pounds whereof to be
paid unto me at the worshipfull Deemsters attestation -
hereof by my friend Thos Fargher of the affordsd parish and the
other fifty pounds to be paid unto me by the sd Thos Fargher
against St. Michaelmas next Ensuing the Date hereof
wch compleats the above sd sum of one hundred pounds
Have Given Granted alienated passed over & sold & do by 
these presents Give Grant alienate & pass over & forever absolutely
sells from me my heirs Execrs adminrs & assigns unto him the sd
Thos Fargher his heirs Execrs Adminrs & assigns, all the right, 
Title Interest & property I have or hereafter may or can have
in & unto a certain parcell part of the Quarter Land of the
Ballaragh scituated & lying in the sd parish commonly known
by the name of the Booilley voar & the Tear yhoein (?) being
Abbey Land & of such rent & customes as the setting Quest of
Skinsco shall preportion thereon adjoyning the rest of Thos 
Callow on the south to the High road on the west, to the rent
of Wm Quilleash on the north and to the rest of my Quarter
Land on the East & by south and ^the fourth part of^ another parcell of Intack
below the high road called ^the^ volgin wch is Lord's Land. Unto
him the sd Thos Fargher his heirs Execrs Adminrs & assigns
to have  & to hold the premisses of both Abbey Lands & Lords
Land together with all profits & advantages there of ensueing
and all ways & waters and other the appurtenances unto the
premises beonging or in any wise appertaining. Provided
that I the sd Henry Skillicorn do reserve for my ^self^ in ^this^ purchase
a sufficient way or road to pass & repass to the high road all
seasons of the year, he the sd Thos Fargher his heirs Execrs & adminrs
and assigns to have the Benefit of what water belongs
to the Quarter Land of sd Ballaragh & commencing from
the Date hereof to be in the full & peaceable possession of
him the sd Thos Fargher his heirs Execrs adminrs & assigns
yeilding & paying such rent & customes as shall be proportioned
on the premisses as affordsd together with all boons suits
& services annualy Incumbent on the premisses, provided
that the sd Thos Fargther shall clear first the mortgage or 
what Demand can be made to appear on his purchased 
Lands of Ballaragh and afterwards to ^clear^ off John Skillicorn
of what Demand he can make on sd Bararagh and also
all other mortgages so far as the within consideration 
Sum will Extend I the sd Henry Skillicorn with
the consent of my wife father & mother do oblige myself
to procure the worshipll Deemsters Attestation hereof and
also the Honable Courts Confirmation to this Bill of Sale
and to do & perform all other things for the further security
of him the sd Thos Fargher against the pretended right 
of any manner of person or persons claiming of any right
to any part of parts of the Premisses. and for the
True and faithfull performace of all and singular
the foregoing Bill of Sale & all things therein containing
I the sd Henry Skillicorn with the consent of my sd wife
father & mother do firmly bind ourselves our heirs
Execrs adminrs & assigns in & under the penalty of
Two hundred pounds sterling to be Levyed and
paid according to Law - in Testimony whereof
have hereunto set our names & marks this
30th March 1762
                    Henry Skillicorn my X mark
Signed & Delivered            John Skillicorn my X mark
in presence of                Margt Skillicorn als Fargher her X
Thos Skillicorn my X            Chatrin Skillicorn my X
Thos Looney my X


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