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South Side Sale, May 1761 #49 Lonan

Philip Kinley and Elizabeth Fargher

Articles of Marriage Condescended Concluded and Agreed upon by & betwixt
Philip Kinley of the parish of KK Lonnan in behalf of himself on the one
Part & Elizabeth Fargher of the aforesaid parish on the other part
as followeth  
First  It is agreed upon by & betwixt the young couple Philip Kinley and
Elizabeth Fargher aforesaid that they shall Enter into the Holy
Estate of Matrimony within one month Ensueing the Date hereof
God and Holy Church Permitting the Same  
Secondly  It is agreed upon the Jane Kinley als Clague of the said parish do
Settle upon her son the said Philip Kinley her right of half the Houses
and Gardens in Present possession situate in Laxey together with the
Easements unto the premises belonging being of the annual Lords
Rent of Three farthings And the other half immediately after
said Jane Kinleys Decease and incase the said Philip Kinley do
Die without issue that then the premises to Descend to the succeeding
Heirs Provided that the settled premises to pass as Inheritance  
Thirdly  It is agreed upon incase the said Philip Kinley do Die within the End
of Twelve months & a day Ensuing the Date hereof he settles the
premises wholly upon his Intended wife as Legacy ^During her natural Life^ and in
Consideration hereof the above said Elizabeth fargher do settle
Three pounds sterling of her own proper Goods upon said Philip
Kinley her Intended husband as Legacy incase she should die
within the End of Twelve months and a day Ensuing the Date
hereof as aforesaid
fourthly  And Lastly for the True and faithfull performance of all and
singular this Settlement of marriage the above parties do mutually
bind & oblige themselves their Heirs Executors Administrators &
assigns in and under the penalty & forfeiture of Sixty pounds
Sterling to be paid & Levyed according to the Law and constitution
of this Isle in witness whereof they have hereunto set their
names and marks This 12th of April 1760

Signed and Delivered in        Jane Kinley her mark  X
the presence of us            Philip Kinley his mark  X
  Patt Killip                Elizabeth Fargher her mark  X
  Henry Skillicorn  X

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18th May 1761
Jane Kinley and Philip Kinley Acknowledged
the before Written Articles of Marriage to be
their Voluntary Act and Deed Before me.
            Jon Taubman

At a Sheading Court holden at
Douglas May 19th 1761
The beforegoing articles of Marriage being Acknowledged
Before the Deemster and now openly published in Court
and no Objection offered agt it, The same is therefore Allowed
of and Confirmed according to Law
                    Danl Cochrane
    Jon Taubman     Dan Mylrea
    Dan Lace        John Quayle
                    John Frisell


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