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South Side Sale, May 1758 #71 Lonan

John Skillicorn to Henry Skillicorn

Know all men by these Presents that I John Skillicorn 
of Ballarragh in the parish of Kk Lonnan ~ divers 
good causes and valuable consideration, me and 
my wife Catherine Skillicorn, there unto moveing ~ 
but more Especially: through the great Love and Esteem
we doe bear to our son and Heir Henry Skillicorn
Have hereby given grant & passed over  -- and doe
Estate and settle upon our said son and heir, the one
half of all our lands & Intacks with half of the house[s?]
Scituated upon the fore Sd premises - save only the
dwelling house the Sd John Skillicorn Reserves the bene-
-fitt thereof during his Life time - and also one 
half of the cropp ^& half of the Husbandry gears^ We do settle on our Said son Henry
Skillicorn immediately after the signing hereof
and in Love and consideration of this settlement
I the fore sd Henry Skillicorn - doe hereby bind and
oblige my self my heirs Excrs admrs and assigns
to pay all Incumbrance incumbent now upon this
said premises- at or upon michaelmas
Last past before the date here of: and the other half
of all the fore said premises with the other half of the
cropp & half of the Husbandry gears: after the deceased of 
the longer liver Either John Skillicorn or Catherine my 
wife - to have and to hold the sd premises with all ways
water & water courses and Liberties there unto belonging - 
for Ever to our Said son Henry Skillicorn - He the said Henry
paying yearly and every year on Equal proportion of the
Honrble Lord rent at the time accustomed - to be paid - with
all other dues out of the same ~ Likewise the said John
Skillicorn and catherine my wife - do in the above said
manner settle upon our said son Henry Skillicorn the
cooppart and the oak chest that is in the house - beds stocks 
the Table & the frame there unto belonging: chair & form 
with the great vessels accustomed in the house for
to dress moat corn in. The same to be kept in the house
to be his the Said Henry Skillicorn .. after the decease
of the Longer liver of us Either John Skillicorn or Catherine
my wife - save only part of the benefitt of those things 
mentioned - and in Love and consideration of 
these things above said - He the fore sd Henry Skillicorn
doe here bind & oblidge himself his heirs Excrs admrs orhis assigns to pay the just full sum of three pounds currency
of this Isle unto the fore said John Skillicorn or his Excrs
before the atestation of this bill of settlement -
and for the tru & faithfull performace of this settlement
we the said John Skillicorn and Catherine Skillicorn my wife
do hereby bind themselves Excrs admrs and assigns in the
penalty of one hundred pounds to be Levied according to
Law in the nature of all other fines within this Isle -
and here unto hath sett to our names & marks this the
21th of May 1757
John Skillicorn my mrk X
Catherine Skillicorn her mrk X
Signed and delivered in the
presence of
Thos Callow his mrk X
John Kelley his mrk X

May the 30th 1757 I John Skillicorn within 
mentioned doe acknowledge to have received 
the full Consideration from and at the Hands
of my Son and Heir Henry Skillicorn in
Consideration of the within & above Settlemt
as wittness my Name & mnark the Day and
Date above mention'd
John Skillicorn my mrk X

Thos Skillicorn X
John Skillicorn my X

7th June 1757
John Skillicorn acknowledged the within and
above Deed of Settlement and above receipt
to be his voluntary Act and deed, Thos callow
and John Kelley the Subscribing witnesses
made oath upon the Holy Evange
:lists That Catherine Skillicorn
duly executed the same as her
proper Act and Deed in their 
presence. This Before me
Jon Taubman

At an Abbey Court holden
at Ballasalley the 27th May 1758

The Beforegoing deed of Settlement & receipt
 being probed & acknowledged before the Deemster &
now published in Open Court & no Objection
offered agt it, It is therfore allowed of and
according to Law
Danl Cochrane
Jon Taubman
Dan Lace
Dan Mylrea
John Quayle
John [..?..]


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