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South Side Sale, May 1748 #48 Lonan

Marriage Contract - John Skillicorn and Margtt Skillicorn als Clark

Articles of marriage condescended agreeed and concluded upon by and
between John Kelley of Kk Lonnon on his own Behalf on the one party
and Margtt Skillicorn als Clark of the said parish in the behalf of her daughter
Margtt Skillicorn on the other party as followeth ~

first It's agreeded and conclud'd upon by and between the said parties
that the said young couple vixt John Kelly and Margtt Skillicorn
shall Enter into the Holy Estate of matrimony before the 7th
of March next Ensueing the date hereof God and Holy church
premitting the same

Secondly That the above John Kelley doe settle upon Margrett Skillicorn
his Intended wife the sum of fourty shillings for Legacy in case
the said John Kelly doe dye without Issue betwixt them ~ before
the End of a twelve moanth and a day after the date hereof
Likewise the foresaid Margtt Skillicorn doe settle upon John Kelley
her Intended Husband the sume of fourty shillings of her own proper
goods for Legacy if she happen to dye childlest before the End of
a year and a day after the date hereof ~

thirdly that the above Margrett Skillicorn als Clark do give & settle
upon her daughter Margtt Skillicorn a certain parcell of Intack for portion
being houses and gardens situated in Laxey within the parish of Kk
Lonnan (of the yearly Lords rent tweve pence) all the right and
tittle she hath therto or can be had hereafter, to the said

also Jon Skillicorn son of sd affore Sd Margtt Skillicorn do surrender all ye right [..?..] title that he
can claim to ye Cot ye 12 pence rent in Laxey unto ye foresd Jon Kelley for Life (?) 

twelve pence rent ^ also the affore said Margt Skillicorn als 
Clark do give & settle upon her fore said daughter [..?..] of the Land
of Close eeise (?)  being a day moth of hay - in the parish of Kk Christ
Lezayre and the rent thereof to be propotioned by the setting
Quest of the fore said parish - and if the fore aid Margtt Skillicorn
dye without any Issue betwixt her self & her husband - then the
fore said day moth of hay to fall and descend: to he nearest relation
of the said Margtt Skillicorn

fourthly and lastly to the full 7 perfect performace of all the above mentioned
articles the above parties do mutually bind themselves their heirs Excrs
admrs and assigns in the penalty of thirty pounds sterling in the nature of all other
fines within this Isle to be paid according to Law   and here unto hath
set their names & mrks ~ the 2th of march 1746/7
Margrett Skillicorn als Clark her mark X
Sgned & delivered in the presence        John Skillicorn his mark X
of Daniel Looney                John Kelley his mark X
Nicholas Cowen his mark X            Margtt Skillicorn her mark X
James Scarffe  ~

12th Octr 1747
Margaret Skillicorn als Clark
acknowledged the within Articles
of Marriage to be her voluntary
Act and Deed Before me
        Jon Taubman

9th May 1748
John Skillicorn acknowledged the within
Articles of Marriage with the interlined [..?..]
        to be hisAct & Deed
mentioned in the Third Article ^ this be
:fore me
                Jon Taubman

9th May 1748 John Kelly likewise 
:knowledged the within Articles of Marriage
to be his Voluntary act and Deed Before
                Jon Taubman

            At a sheading Court holden at Douglas
            the 9th May 1740
The within Articles of Marriage being acknowledged
before the deemster, and now openly published
in Court, and no objection offered agt them
are therefore allowed of and Confirmed
accordng to Law
                        [..?..] Brideson (?)
    Dan Mylrea                Jon Quayle
    Jon Taubman                Wm Christian


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