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South Side Sale, May 1744 #40 Lonan

Marriage Contract - John Skillicorn and Jane Kewley

Articles of Marriage agreed and Concluded upon by and 
betwixt John Skikillicorn and Jane his Wife of the parish of
Kk Lonan on the one part in behalf of their Son John Skillicorn
and Joney Kewley als Skillicorn Widow in behalf of her Daughter
Jane Kewley on the other part, as follows ~

First It is agreed upon that the above sd yhoung Couple shall enter
into the Holy Estate of Matrimony within one Month after the date
hereof God and the Church permitting the same

Secondly It is agreed upon that the said John Skillicorn with the joint
Consent of his Said Wife doe give and Settle upon their Said Son
John all the right and Title that they have now to all their Houses
and Lands where they now living being an Intack in the Mountains, to be
run and stand in the Nature of Inheritance forever, The one half
thereof together with the Cropp and Husbandry Gears, they are to have
in possession at the expiration and End of five years, which he his
Said Son is then to enjoy and the other half of the Lands & Houses
with the other half of the Cropp after the Decease of the longer
liver of them the Said John Skillicorn and Jane his wife. He the
Said Son John Skillicorn obliging himself to pay or Cause to be paid
the Sum of five pounds Manks Value whenever he shall be possessed 
of the one half of the abovesd premisses ~ which the young Couple are to
possess and enjoy the Said premises at or upon Allhollentide.

Thidly It is agreed upon that the abovesd Joney Kewley shall give in 
portion For Dowry the Sum of twelve pounds including also what was
due to her Said Daugher Jane by the Death of her father as
is mentioned and annexed to her said father's Will, in Inn
Calf Cow & a feather bed with Cloaths appertaining thereto

Lastly For the True and faithfull perfomace of the above Articles
all parties [in fold of paper] have bound themselves their Heirs Execrs and
assignes in penalty and Forfeiture of Sixty (?) pounds to be Levied in
the Nature of all Fines within this Isle ~ Wittness their Names and
Marks this 21st of January 1743/4

                        John Skillicorn his mrk X
Signed and declared in            Jane Skillicorn her mrk X
presence of us                    John Skillicorn Junr his mrk X
    Thos Cowin his mrk X        Jane Kewley her mrk X
    Philip Kewley his mrk X        Jane Kewley her mrk X

15 May 1744
All the Subscribing Parties (Excepting
Jane Kewley) Acknowledged the within 
Articles of Marriage to be their voluntary
Act and Deed Before mee
            Jon Taubmann

At a Sheading Court holden at Doublas the 15th May

The within Articles of Marriage being Acknowledged before
the deemster and now openly published in Court and no
objection offered of them are Therefore allowed of and
Confirmed according to Law
                Dan Mylrea
                Jon Taubman
                Cha: Stanley
                Jon Quayle
                Wm Christian


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