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South Side Sale, May 1729 #50 Lonan

John Skillicorn, snr to William Quillaish

Know all men by these presents that I John Skillicorn Senior of Ballarraugh
Within the parish of Kk Lonnon, with the full Consent of Isabel Skillecorn als
Christian My wife Divers good Causes and reasons me here unto Moveing but
Chiefly and more Expecially for and in Consideracon of the full and Just Sum
of Eight pounds Ten Shillings Sterl. To me in hand paid before the Delivery 
thereof the receipt of which Sum wee doe hereby acknowledge from and at 
the hands of our friend William Quillaish of the parish of Kk Maugold; Have
Given Granted Alienated Estranged passed over & Sold all my right Tytle & Intrest 
Of and unto the Quarterland of Ballowill being the fourth part thereof and
Bearing the annual rent of five shill: six pence; as also all my Right to the sd
Quarterland of B allacowle being the Eight part thereof and bearing the
Annual rent of three shillings and two pence half penny farthing or there
Abouts; Likewise all my right to a parcell of Intack belonging to the said Quar
Terland of Ballacowle of four pence half penny rent; Situated in Agnaish
Within the said parish of Kk Lonnon from us our heires Excutrs Administrs 
and Assignes for Ever; To Have & to Hould unto him the Sayd William 
Quillaish his heires Executtrs Administrs & Assignes the fore said fourth part of ye Quarterland of Ballawill, and the said Eight part of Ballacowle together with
The forementioned parcell of Intack belonging there unto Scituated as before
Said with all wayes watters wattercourses Easements Liberties profitts and
Advantages of what Nature or kind Soever belonging to the premisses or with
The Same or any part thereof usually occupyed or Enjoyed, or Reputed had
Known or taken to be as part parcell or Member thereof for Ever from
And after the date hereof, he the Said Wm Quillaish paying yearly and Every 
Year the foresayd Rent unto the Right Honorable The Lord of this Isle and his
Successors together with all other Suits and Services yearly Incumbent
Upon the premisses; He the Sayed John Skillicorn & wife binding and obligeing themselves heires Executts & Assigns to uphould a warrant & defend the pre
misses and Every part thereof unto the Said William Quilleash his heires Executtrs 
& Assignes against the pretend and Tytle of any person or persons whatsoever
at any time hereafter Claiming Right to the Same and To procure the Honoble
Courts Confirmacon hereunto and to doe all and Every other thing or things at
Law for his the Said Wm Quillaish's Better Security in the premisses. And for the
true and faithfull performace hereof (wee the Said John Skillicorn & Isabell 
my wife doo further firmly bind and oblidge our Selves heires Executtrs Administrs 
and assignes under the penalty of Fhirty pounds Sterl to be Leveyed and paid
according to Law and Custome within this Isle in Such & the Like Cases as wittness
our Marks to our names this first day of February 1728.
John Skillecorn my mrkX
Signed and delivered in presence of        Isabell Skillecorn my Mrk X
John Kermode my X                    als Christian
Hugh Black
James Knip'
William Callow
 15 May 1729
Jon Skillicorn & Isabell his wife came [..?..] to
Day and acknowledged the above written Bill
of Sayle to be their volluntary Actt & Deed
before me
William Christian

At a Sheading Court holden at Douglass
Of 22 May 1729
The within mensoned Bill of Sale being acknowledged
Before the Deemster and now Published in open Court &
no Objection being offered agt it therefore the same is
allowed of & Confirmed according to Law
James Horton
Nicho: Christian        J. Wood
Cha: Moore
Wm Stoner


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