[courtesy Sally Ann Kinley]

South Side Sale, May 1729 #48 Lonan

John Quarke to William Kinley

Know all men By these presents that I John Quarke
of the parrish of KK Lonnan Divers Good Causes and
Considerations me moving, But more Especially for
and in Consideration of four English Shillings to me
in hand ^and^ at or before the Signing of these presents
of and from the hands of Wm Kinley of the aforesd
parrish ^with other Services^ Have given granted Bargained alienated passed
over & Sould, and Doe by these presents give grant pass
over and absolutely Sell for ever unto the sd William 
Kinley a small parcell of Intacke which I have at Laxey
adjoyning unto Jane Costeans Rent and unto John Parr
Rent of the yearely Rent of three half penneys or there  
abouts or sutch as the Setting Quest Shall Settle thereon
with all Easments and liberties to the same belonging
as wayes watter watter courses and all advantages
to the Same belonging as aforesd, and I the sd John 
Quarke Doe Bind and oblidge my self heirs Exetors
to Secure and Defend the sd Wm Kinley his heirs
Exetors or assignes in the quite and peaceably possession
and enjoyment of the premisses against all maner
of person or persons whatsoever claiming Right  
title or Interest to the Same, the Rights of the 
Right Honerble Lord of this Isle onely excepted, and
the sd Wm Kinley his heirs Exetors is to pay the
anuall Rent of three halfpenney, or sutch as the  
Setting quest Shall Settle thereon as aforesd, And 
for performance of all the above Conditions I the
sd John Quarke Doe Bind and oblidge my selfe
heirs Exetors admtors or assignes in the penalty 
or forfiture of ten pounds the one half to the 
Right Honerble Lord of this Isle and the other half
to the party greived, In wittness whereof  I Sett my
name & hand this 3th of Feburary 1728/9

Signed and Delivered
in presents of us 
    John Shimmin his  X        John Quark
    John Kewley

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4th Feb: 1728
The within names Jon Quark came and
have Acknowledged the within Bill of 
Sale to be his Voluntary Act and Deed
Before Me.
        Cha: Moore

    At a Sheading Court holden at Douglas May 22 1729
The within Written Bill of Sale being Acknowledged before the
Deemster & now published in open Court & no Objections being
offered agt it therefore the Same is Allowed of & Confirmed
According to Law.
                       James Horton
     Nicho Christian   J Woods
                       Cha: Moore
                       Wm Stonier


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