Lezayre - North Side Sales

The Reference is the form needed to request the deed - North or South Side, Month (usually May or October) , Year and deed reference within that year

Deeds (contracts etc) recorded pre 1723 are numbered in a different sequence - as Old Deeds, the sequence number does not reflect the date.

Contract = Marriage Contract, Gift is usually a parent giving the land to a child, a settlement is usually an elderly parent passing the land onto the heir.

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  Reference           Vendor                         Vendee                         Notes
Old Lez Bun1 3     Tho Mylecarrane                   Margt Tear                     contract
Old Lez Bun1 92    Tho Curlett                       Joney Keig ?                   contract

Old Lez Bun2 13    John Curlett                      Margt Allen als Curlett        contract
Old Lez Bun2 93    Ew Kneal                          Kath Gill                      contract                    vide no 2 [] 61

NSS May 1723 16    Wm Crain                          Dan Gawn
NSS May 1723 18    Ro Cowle                          Averick Cowley                 contract
NSS Oct 1723 13    Wm Cottier                        Ann Killip                     contract
NSS Oct 1723 15    John Curlett                      Kath Casement                  contract
NSS May 1733 56    Wm Killip                         Tho Quayle

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