North Side Sale, Old Deed #13 Jurby (Court May 1706)

Jo: Kinred and Margt Faile

The spelling is very erratic even for the period - not always easy to determine and a few words (including part of date) lost in the wear on a fold.

Articles of mariage concluded & agreed upon betwene Will: Faile
one ye one partie for & in behalf of his daughter Margarett Faile & Jo: Kenred in his own behalfe as followeth

1 First it this ^agreed upon^ yt ye sd Jo Kenrad & Margarett Faile shall be maried
at or before ye 29 of August gods lawes & holy church alownge ye same

2 Seconly it agreed upon yt ye sd Will Faile doth give unto his daughter
Margaratt Faile & to John Kenratt halfe of all ye lande yt he is now
in possession & ye other halfe at his latter day  with halfe of all his
househowld [] hee ye sd young cobble [sic copple] giving him 20s[?£] to be at
att his owne desspoosinge at his latter day either in good or money
to whom will best de[] it Likewise his father doth bind his sonn
Will Faile to ye sd Jo Kinrett for v [5] years if his sd son will be
pleas to com to be learned ye sd Jo: Kinrett trade hee ye sd
Jo: Kinratt finding him with meat drinke and cloathinge
during & to give to his sd son apaare of Loumes ^[]^ when his
tyme is out licwise ye sd Will: Faile & any of his children shall
com to sue for any of his goods or lands yt here doth quit thee with
six pens legasie lickwise & doo give to ye younge copple full power
to release ye halfe day moth of hay after my deasease to this our
or agreement & contractcon both party doth bind themselves in ye
penalty of twenty pounds starling halfe to or Honrabl Lord of ye
Sile [sic ? Isle] & ye other halfe to ye party keepinge bargan & to witness
this to be ye truth wee have caused this to be written & have
putt? to or names & mrks [part lost in fold] ye [] of Augus 1695
signed & delivered in ye        note yt ye sd Will[lost in fold]
present of wittnesses           have a wollen & aliney geare
                                with ye lome when his tyme []
Will Macnamer his mrk           Will Faile his marke
Jo: Crisley ? his mrk           Jo Kinrett his mrk
Nicholas Moore                  Margaratt Faile her mrk
Jo: Clugos his mrk

9 May 1700
Wm Faile & Jon Kinrad hath
acknowledged the above contract
to be their mutual agreemt as is
above written before me
Dan: Mcylrea

At a sheading court holden at Peele the 22 day of May 1706
This contract being acknowledged before ye Deemster
the same is therefore allowed of and confirmed
according to law           Robt Mawdesley
     Jon Parr              Chris Parker
                           Wm Sedden

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