Lib Canc 1693 p66 - Jurby

William Corlett and Joney Kaneen

Articles of Marriage agreed upon by & betwixt Thomas
Corlett of Jurby on the one party in behalf of his son
Willm Corlett & Cathryn Cormoad of K Andrews in behalf
of her daughter Jony Keneen on ye othr part as followeth

First it is agreed upon that the sd Willm Corlett & Jony
Keneen shall enter unto ye holy estate of Matrimony
at or before one monthe's end if God prmitt & ye church allow

Secondly the sd Thomas in consideracon of the sd
marriage doth promise & bind himself to give his son
prsently after marriage the one half of his croft wth
half the houses, the chamber excepted wch he reserving for h[is]
own use dureing his life. Also half the cropp half of all
husbandry geares and half of all other his land[s]
in mortgage except BallaClucas wch he keeps wholy to h[is]
own disposposing and the other half of his sd croft & houses
wth the mortgaged lands except wt before excepted, at the later
day of himself & wife; his sd son also is to have half the bene=
fitt of ye land of BallaClucas whilst the sd Thomas keeps the
farme in his own hands, and the other half of the husbandry gea[rs]
after the decease of the longer liver of ye sd Thomas & his wife
also he gives at prsent an enlish pair of netts and half of
all the wooden vessells in ye house, and as for the croft doth[]
the same on his son & his issue as heirship.

Thirdly it is agreed & the above Catherin doth promise to give
over and besides one cow, wth wt more she shall fitt to spare hereafter.

Fourthly tis to be understood that the mortgaged lands above mentioned
is joyntly concerned at prsent betwixt Stephen Kneen & the above Thomas
Corlet amd that noe other land is meant by or included herein

And for true performance hereof all partyes have bound themselves
either to other in penalty of twenty pounds sterl in ye nature of all
other fines as wittness theirmrks this 10th day of April 1686
Witnesses Stev: Kneen       Tho: Corlett his mrk X
Tho: Cowle                  Catherin Cormod her mrk X
James Lawson                Catherin Xtian X
Jon Christiane              Will: Corlett X
                            Joney Keneen X 

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