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Thomas Teare and Catherine Teare

January the fifteene 1671
Articles of marriage condisended concluded & agreed upon betwixt John Teare &
his wife Catherine Teare of the pish of Jurby for & in the behalf of their son Tho:
Teare ine the one prtie & Ann Teare als Caine for & in the behalf of her daughter
Catherine Teare one the other prtie as followeth:

First it is condiscend? concluded & agreed upon betwixt all the abovesaid prties
that the said Tho: & Catherine shall come to the pish church of St Amdreas
on or before the first of feb: next ensueing the date hereof & there & then
to joyne together in the holy estate of marimonie gods lawes & holy
church prmitting - in the penalltie of foutie pounds sterling the one half
to the honrble Lord of the Isyl & ye other half to the prtie prforming convan=

Secondly it is condiscended concluded & agreed upon that the said John
Teare & Catherine his wife shall & doth give unto the said Tho: ye son & Ca=
therine Teare & yr issue in prsent possession the one half of all his houses
or buildings ^ & all lands in our prsent possession^ the other half at the discease of the longer liver of him the
said John Teare & his wife Catharine Brew to run also as heyreship
and the one half of the whole crop at Lamas next, & another quar=
ter to ym ye said young coople or yr uissue at the latter day of ym, the said
John Teare & Catherine his wife and also the one half of all gears be=
longing to the husbandrie or the working of the the land in prsent []
& the other half after ye discease of ye said John & Cathrine: except a little
por ? craught[?croft] wch wee have latly bought & not belonging to the former; and
also in yr said possession - his choyce [] & a young heiffer
of 2 yeare old at May next:

Thirdly it is condiscended concluded & agreed upon that the abovesaid
Ann Teare alis Caine shall & doth give to & with her daughter
Catharine Teare in dourie or portion to him the said Tho Teare, & yr
issue the full & just sume of sixteen pounds in money or []dy worth
all & everie yt thereof to be paid to the said young copple within the space
& time of four yeares after the date hereof, & also wt soever ? belonges to
her said daugr wch she allreadie owneth to be her owne : note that ye words inter=
lined in the second article vizt all lands in prsent possession was soe writ=
en before the signing hereof and to [] the same & yt
thereof to be or enventual ? agreement wee subscribe our names & marks ye 15th
of Januarie 1671/2 as abovesaid, in ye prsence of witnesses

Daniell Teare D      John Teare his mark M
Stephen Kee Kee      Cath Brew her mark 
Tho Skelly T
Will Kee W
? Huddlestone

Ja: the 20th 1675
John Teare the surviveing partie
to these prsents hath acknowledged
his consent and subscription to the
above articles before me
Edw: Christian

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