[courtesy Sally Ann Kinley]

South Side Sale, Old Deed #75 Braddan (Court Oct 1721)

Wm Cubbon and Christian Kinley

Articles of Marriage made Covenant
ed Concluded and Agreed upon by and betwixt Robert
Cubbon of Bealeavair in the parish of KK Braddan – 
in behalf of his Son Wm Cubbon on the one part; and Anne
Kinley als Crebbin in behalf of her daughter Jane Kinley (all
of the said parish) on the other part as Follows.

First    It is Agreed and Concluded upon by and betwixt the said parties that
the said young Couple vi? Wm Cubbon and Jane Kinley shall be
joined together in the holy Estate of matrimony at or before the 
Eight day of August next God and holy Church permitting the Same.

Secondly  It is Agreed upon and the said Robt Cubbon doth hereby promise
& oblige himself to give unto the said Young Couple in present
possession the one half of his Tenement of Bealeavair of
Twelve Shillings and two pence yearly Rent and the other – 
half of the said Tenement with the Crop & husbandry Geares after
the decease of the said Robt Cubbon, at wch time or after the
death of the sd Robt Cubbon, the sd Wm Cubbon & Supposed wife
Anne Kinley are to have the Crop & husbandry Geares wholly
to themselves, the sd Wm Cubbon having the other part of the Crop & husbandry Geares in present possession in right of his mother deceased.

Thirdly  The sd Anne Kinley Als Crebbin doth hereby promise to give
unto the sd young Couple, as portion or Marriage Goods the Sum of Three
Pounds Manks Value to be paid when the young Couple shall be pleased
to call for the Same, besides what Fathers Goods the sd young Woman
has due to herself or has already of her own in possession, as also
a Feather bed with Sufficient bed clothes after the death or decease
of the said Anne Kinley Als Crebbin.

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Lastly    And for performance of all and Singular the Covenants
and Conditions made and mentioned in the beforegoing Articles
of Marriage the sd parties do hereby Jointly & Severally
bind & oblige themselves their heirs Exrs Admrs & Assignes
the one to the other in penalty & forfeiture of Twenty
pounds Sterling to be levied according to Law  witness
their hands this the Fifteenth day of July 1721
Witnesses present               Robt Cubbon my mrk  R
   Patrick Corkill my mrk  P   Anne Kinley Als Crebbin my mrk  A
   Robt Curghy my mrk R        Wm Cubbon my mrk  T
                               Jane Kinley my mrk  I

9th Octbr 1721
The parties to the above and written Articles
of Marriage have Acknowledged the same to be
their Voluntary Act and Deed Before me

At a Sheading Court held at Castle Rushen
ye 19th Octobr 1721
The wthin Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before ye
Deemstr & now published in open Court & no objection made agt
ym, are therefore allow’d of & confirm’d according to Law – 
        Dan Mylrea           Alex Horns
        Cha:Moore            R Powe
                             Wm Sedden


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