[courtesy Sally Ann Kinley]

South Side Sale, Old Deed #67 Braddan (Court Oct 1719)

Christopher Kinley to Ro Caine - sale

Be it known unto all Men by these
presents that I Christopher Kinley of the parish of KK
Braddan in the Isle of Man with the Consent of Issable
Kinley my wife Diverse good Causes & Considerations
us hereunto Moveing & more especially for & in Consider
-ation of the Sum of Eleven Pounds, 4 shill 6 pence Cur=
-rant Money:  Forty Shillings thereof paid at the writing
hereof, for which these Presents are a Full & Sufficient
Discharge, and the Remaining Part of the sd Sum
Secur’d to be Paid att by & from the Hands of Robert
Cain of the parish of KK St. Ann, do for my self, my
Heirs Executers Administrators & assigns Demise, 
Pass over, Alienate & Sell & by these presents have
Demised Passed over alienated & absolutely and
for ever sold unto the sd Robt Cain his Heirs Executers
Admers & Assigns a Parcell of Intack Land belong-
-ing to Me, commonly call’d & known by the Name of
Mathew’s Croft Situate lying & being in ye parish of
KK Bradn aforesd, with all the Appurtances & other In-
-tacks & Inclosures thereunto Appertaining & belonging
and Reputed as parts & Members of the Same,  All of
the Annuall Rent of 2 shills 3 pence or thereabouts; to
be Entered upon & possessed by the sd Robt Cain his Heirs 
Execers or Assigns all ^or upon the feast of All saints next being the 1st November^
[line marked out]
The Allowance & Confirmation of these presents
by the Honerble Court & Entering the sd Robt Cain his Heirs
or Assigns in the Court Rolls ^as^ True Tenants to the Pre-
misses, At which Time ye Remaining Part of the sd

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Sum of Eleven Pounds four shills & six pence is to be
fully paid and satisfyed to me ye sd Christopher
Kinley or my assigns;  The sd Robt Cain his Heirs &
Hence forward Yielding & paying unto the Rt Honerble
Lord the Rent aforesd be it more or less Yearly & every
Year wth all other Dutys Suits & Services payable out
of the Same.  To which End I the sd Christopher Kinley
do oblidge my self my Heirs Exers Admers & Assigns
to uphold, Maintain, secure & Defend the Premisses
with all & every the Appurtenances, Edifices, & Buildings,
ways, waters & watercourses, Easments & Liberties – 
thereunto belonging unto ye sd Robt Cain his Heirs Exers
Admers & Assigns against any ye pretented Right, Title
or Claim of any person whatsoever disturbing the Quiet
& peaceable possession thereof by any means Act or Pro-
-curement of Mine, my Heirs Exers Admers & Assigns, the
 Rights of the Lord of the soyle always Reserv’d; & at ye
Time above Mentioned to procure the Confirmation of the
Court, Enter the sd Robt Cain in ye Ld’s Rolls as True Tenant
to ye premisses, & do all other Things Necessary in Law
for the best Security according to ye True Intent & Mean-
-ing of all the parties Concern’d, & all this in the penalty
& forfeiture of Double ye Sum herein Menconed according
The Laws & Constitutions of this Island.  In witness whereof
I the sd Christopher Kinley & Issable my sd Wife have
to these presents caused our Names to be written [strikeout]
[strikeout] this 5th Day of May Ano Domi 1719

Signed & Delivered in        Christopher Kinley his Mark  X
the presence of            Issable Kinley her Mark  X
   John Curghy
   John Moor

        5th Octobr 1719
        Xto Kinley and his wife hath acknowledged
        the above and within Bill of Sayle to be their
        voluntary Act and Deed before me
                        Cha: Moore

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        At a sheading Court holden att Castle
        Rushen the 6th October 1719

The wthin Bill of Saile being acknowledged before
??? Deemster Moore & now published in open – 
Court & no objection agt it the same is allowed of
& confirmed according to Law
                Alex Horne
        Dan Mylrea    J Rowe
        Cha: Moore    Wm Sedden
                Dan Mcylrea


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