[courtesy Sally Ann Kinley]

South Side Sale, Old Deed #45 Braddan (Court May 1714)

John Craine and Christian Kinley

Articles of Marriage Condesended to, Concluded and, agreed upon by and
    beteixt John Craine of ye Pish of KK Braddan with the Consent of his
    wife Elizabeth Craine als Bell in ye behalf of their son John Craine
    one ye one part, and Anne Kinley, als Crebbin in the behalf of her daug
    =ter Christian Kinley on the other part as folth.
1ty    First it is agreed upon, that the fore said John Craine & Christian Kinley
    Shall come to holy Church and their be joined together in the holy State
    of Martrimony at or before ye 21 [?] of November next God and holy Church
    permitting the Same.
2ly    Secondly its Concluded upon, that the fore said John Craine the father 
    with the Consent of his wife, doth give unto his son John Craine half of
    ye houses and land, with half of ye Crop of corn and Teame, and – 
    half of all ye husbandry gear, now at present, and the other half of all the
    particulars before menconed, after ye death of the longer liver of the fore
    said Jon Craine or his wife.
3ly    Thirdly its greed upon, that ye fore said Anne Kinley doth promise to give
    unto her daughter Cristian Kinley, twenty Shillings with half a Cow to
    be payed at or before a year after ye date hereof, besides what goods belonge
    to her by the death of her Father Tho: Kinley
4ly    Fourthly its fully agreed upon by both parties and do bind them Selves
    their heirs Extors and assignes in the penalty and forfeiture of Tenn – 
    pounds Sterling, one half thereof to ye Honble the Lord of this Isle and ye
    other half to the party performing the above articles as Wittness their marks
    to their names this 28 of October 1712

Signed & delivered before us       Jon Craine my mark  X
Wm Brew my mark  X                 Elizabeth Craine my mark  X
Wm Kelley my mark  X               Jon Craine Jnr  my mark  X
Wm Gelling my mark  X              Anne Kinley my mark  X
Jon Kissage my mark  X             Christian Kinley my mark  X
Wm Crebbin

        30th May 1713
All the parties to the above Articles of marriage have
acknowledged the Same to be their Act & Deed
reserving to Ellin: Craine what right she may
have to the Cropp and Team by her father’s
will, before me
            Jon Parr

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At a Sheading Court holden at Castle – 
Rushen the 31th May 1714

The within Contract of marriage being acknowledged before the
Deemster and now published in open Court and no reasonable objection
made agt them therefore therefore ye Same are allowed of and – 
confirmed according to Law
                          Alex Horne
                          R Powe
        Dan Mylrea        Wm Sedden


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